See the tips for those who will receive the new property


It’s time to get the keys to the new apartment, but first you need to inspect the property together with the Building Inspection Perth Company to see if all items are in order. Many customers are excited about the delivery of the apartment and end up not looking at the main points that need to be checked.


Schedule the inspection on a quiet day, so that it is done carefully. Many customers get involved with emotion and end up forgetting that they need to look at the apartment with more critical eyes so that corrections and / or adjustments can be made. 

Aluminum / wood frames 

Make a visual assessment of the windows and doors, checking that there are no damages such as scratches and damaged paintings. Test the functioning by opening and closing the doors, and demand the delivery of all keys.

Electrical Installations

There is usually no way to be tested, as the energy meter is not yet installed. In this case, it is important to make it clear in the builder’s check-list report that the electrical installations have not been checked because the power was not yet working.

Hydraulic Installations

When entering the apartment, turn on all the taps and let the water flow for about two minutes to check that there are no leaks in the siphons. On the other hand, when flushing the toilet bowls, activate and see if the water flow is satisfactory.

Ceramic tiles and grouts 

Visually evaluate if there are no damaged parts, with cracks or stains, checking if they are well seated, without unevenness or discontinuity, and if there are no parts with different shades. To test the flooring, just tap the broom handle on the tile to see if there is any spot with a hollow sound, where the tile or the flooring can lose its grip with the substrate, causing the pieces to detach in the future.

Parking space / Bin

Check the measurements of your parking space with a measuring tape. A good part of the customers do not check the vacancy, or the bin, but it is important to check if the measures are within what was acquired.


After the inspection, check the checklist to see if all the requests have been noted, take a photo to have a copy and remember to use it as a guide for when you do the new inspection of the apartment – better than just having the memory.

And in the case of apartments that were customized during construction, the executive suggests that the architect responsible for the process also accompanies the inspection to verify that all changes have been made as planned. For better assessment of the building inspection, always count on the professional. Search the internet, and hire the service at affordable prices.