Setting Up The Living Room: You Should Pay Attention To This

Anyone can set it up, right? That’s true – but with our tips and tricks, you can transform your living room into a breathtaking oasis of well-being. We will show you how to arrange furniture pieces correctly and how important a room’s architecture is. How to get the right colors on the wall and put everything in the right light. Don’t miss this: Spot on!

Furnishing Tip: Sofa, Armchair, Chairs – Everything Has Its Place

Everything has to be in order, even in the living room. You have two couches? They classically face each other. If you only have one, the sofa, beds north wales, armchair, and chairs usually form a rectangle – but feel free to try out a more playful variant. This makes many rooms even cozier

Use Slopes And Niches: Become A Creative Furnishing Expert

Do you live on the top floor? Flats with sloping ceilings are extremely cozy – but not that easy to set up. We will help you! If your room is narrow, place the wider furniture on the long side of the room. The furnishings must be relatively low, making the living room look larger. Beautiful living accessories and mini furniture like an oval coffee table loosen up the room.

Especially in small living rooms with sloping ceilings or projections, you sometimes have to try things out until everything has its place. For example, unique shelves that you attach directly to the wall at the right length are practical. Or stack wall units of different sizes on top of each other – significant at the bottom and smaller and smaller as you go up. Chic shelf cubes close the last gaps, and sliding doors ensure order. And if you like it flexible and light, you can rely on shelves with castors.

Our tip: Use the sloping area behind a chest of drawers, for example, for objects that your visitors don’t necessarily have to discover at first glance: suitcases, your vacuum cleaner, or your winter or summer clothes. So, these things are wonderfully stowed away.

Set Up The Living Room Optimally: Now Colors Come Into Play

Basically, the smaller the room, the lighter the colors should be. Make sure the wall color matches the color of your sofa or furniture north wales for example. In addition to the classic white – cool and elegant – the possibilities are almost unlimited. The living room quickly looks uncomfortable if it is too colorful. If you’re a fan of green or purple walls – paint one wall. This way, you set a lively accent and do not overload the room. Do you love the color chocolate brown? Please only paint in a large living room – otherwise, dark colors can quickly appear cramped.

Our tip: You can do everything right with delicate pastel tones. The friendly colors are subtle and can be easily combined with the colors of your furniture and decoration.

Let There Be Light: Tips For A Radiant Home

Your living room is now furnished to perfection – but the right lighting is missing. For a living room of 20 square meters, we recommend at least three light sources. The main thing is that the light output is large enough – measured in lumens. There is a simple formula: you need around 100 lumens per square meter. You can find the information on almost every packaging. Alternatively, our sales advisors in the branches will be happy to help you.

However, the right mix of direct and indirect light is essential when lighting your living room. This will conjure up an atmospheric atmosphere for romantic dates or cozy reading evenings on the couch. A dimmer is practical for the lights on your stylish seating group. This is how you adjust the brightness to your mood.

Do you love relaxing TV evenings at home? Our tip: Do not point any lamps directly at the TV set; instead, illuminate the area. Discreet LED strips, for example, are suitable because significant differences in brightness between the screen and the room strain the eyes excessively.

The benchmark for lighting is always daylight. It reproduces the colors naturally and is proven good for the eyes. You make the most of the natural light by placing your inviting sofa set in front of the window. This makes the entire living room brighter. The room becomes cozy if you also illuminate the dark corners.