Seven Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Can Save Your Carpet


Carpets are expensive, it’s quite hard to order replacement every other day. Therefore, you are advised to clean and maintain the carpet quite often. However, cleaning and treating the carpet with a cleaning solution quite often can damage the carpet as well.

Cleaning the carpet is required for a variety of reasons. It helps in removing bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. It’s important to remove bacteria, dust mites, and allergens as they lead to several health issues.

The experts have found a few ways to clean and minimize the damage to the carpet. Here are the seven hacks that would not only help you clean and maintain the carpet but minimize the damage as well.

Clean frequently


If you want your carpets to have a long service life, you have to clean and maintain them well. The more frequently you clean the carpet, the less exposure to the harsh cleaning solutions would be required. The carpet would not be that dirty, therefore harmless DIY solutions would bring it back to life. So, clean the carpet at least twice a month to prevent damage and add more years to it’s life.Hire carpet cleaning sioux falls for ease.

Begin cleaning the carpet with vacuuming


Removing the carpet and putting it directly into a harsh chemical solution should be a big No-No. To not leave the carpet in a chemical solution for a long time, you have to gear up for the cleaning mission with vacuuming. Vacuuming would remove most of the dirt, it will make the cleaning easy. Moreover, try vacuuming the carpet once or twice a week anyway to not let the dirt damage your carpet.


Target the stains before throwing the carpet in a cleaning solution


If the carpet has stains, try treating the stains right after vacuuming the carpet. The carpet might have different kinds of stains and each stain requires a different treatment. Therefore, target each stain differently and try removing it.


You do not necessarily have to spend on ready-made cleaners. The DIY solutions and some kitchen ingredients are pretty good for the cleaning job as well. You can use baking soda, vinegar, salt, and shaving cream to clean the carpet to perfection.


Do not blot


Rubbing works for the dishes but not the carpets, it would rather get you into a bigger mess. Whenever you have to clean a stain, whether it’s a ready-made cleaning solution or not, do not rub the blot stain away.

Have faith in lint rollers


The lint roller is a forgiving invention that removes lint and small fibers from our clothes and upholstery. Lint rollers are powerful enough to help you collect lint and small fibers from the carpets as well. So, say yes to the lint rollers.


Avoid using ready-made cleaner, say yes to DIY solutions


Ready-made solutions are no doubt quite good for the cleaning job. However, they contain harsh chemicals that can damage the carpet in the long run. Clean the carpet quite often and let the DIY solutions show their magic.