Smart Choices You Need to Make for Choosing the Local Mover


Now that you are an expert in choosing a mover, it is time to contact them. So thanks to this 2nd selection, you will meet these moving professionals and thus judge them on their reliability while obtaining a precise estimate and additional information.

Require the mover to travel to your home

Now, the volume to be moved is optimized and all you need to do is contact your list of movers. Any professional mover whatsoever must come to your home to best judge the volume to be transported , the goods to be packaged (depending on the package chosen) and the environment (floor, difficulty of access, elevator or staircase, street access or private parking, etc.) . If a mover near your home does not wish to come, we advise you to ignore him. Choosing the local movers is important there.

Request a written and detailed estimate

This home visit will allow the mover to be able to provide you with a clear and detailed quote. Upon receipt of the latter, we strongly recommend that you read each line on the estimate. You must therefore find:

  • The moving date,
  • The final volume estimated by this professional,
  • The distance to travel between your current home and the future,

The material provided by the mover or at your expense: 

They provide everything you need for your move (cardboard boxes, blankets, bubble wrap, wardrobe, etc.). Discover all the material available here on our website.

Payment conditions: 

A deposit must be paid to block the date of the move, the balance is made after the move. Any mover can offer their customers payment facilities (in 3 or 4 installments without charge) . Do not forget to ask him during this visit. Take the opportunity to ask all the questions that seem important to you in choosing the ideal mover.

Find out about the mover’s insurance

Another point to focus on is insurance. When visiting the mover or afterwards, do not be afraid to ask the latter for proof of his insurance. Check that it is still valid, the covers it offers for your goods . Specifically, linger on the covered value during the move t (see if the value of goods does not exceed that offered by insurance) and the various risks (damage during transportation, loading and unloading, assembly and disassembly of your furniture).

If the professional’s insurance does not cover all the areas we have just discussed, contact your insurance company to take out insurance dedicated to this move.

Avoid the pitfalls

A price that is too low often hides something

Now that you have several quotes, it is important to analyze them carefully. Important point, do not focus only on the price displayed at the bottom of the quote.

If the price is strangely low, there must be a rock eel. An underestimation of the volume, an insurance below your needs, an undeclared staff, services which suggest unpleasant surprises; all these reasons can explain such a price.

Choosing the first mover is not a good idea

Unless you are very close to a mover, our team recommends that you request quotes from at least 3 moving professionals. By comparing the different quotes, you will learn more about the services of each and in the end, choose much more easily and more serenely.