Spring Tree Care Tips from the Experts


Spring Tree Care Tips

Spring is usually the perfect season to shower extra love and affection on your trees. A spring tree care plan is quite vital to ensure that your three thrives during the growing season. Safeguarding the health of your plants implies seasonally tending to your landscape. Once the winter hibernation period is over for the trees, you must take a few essential steps. You can also opt for the services of a local tree surgeon for an overall check-up of the trees.

Trim the dead branches

Properly trimming the dead branches secures your green assets from various damages. In case you find it too difficult to prune the trees, opt for an arborist. These experts may also suggest bracing and cabling the trees. Bracing and cabling reduce strain on the trees from impactful winds and summer storms.

Opt for mulching

After cleaning the area around the trees, opt for mulching your landscape. Note that mulch protects the organic matter trees need beneath the soil surface. If you have difficulties mulching, consider opting for a tree surgeon. Mulching also helps to control the growth of weeds and retains moisture.


Spring is probably the best time to start fertilising your beloved trees. It is because this is the perfect season before everything starts growing and blossoming. There are plants which can store nutritional elements from the previous year. Additional fertilisation would provide your trees with an extra boost.

Proper watering

To ensure that the trees don’t dry, ensure to give them a thorough watering throughout spring. The procedure of watering usually varies from tree to tree. For instance, if you have a younger tree, pour water close to the trunk.

Let’s hope that tips, as mentioned above, would help you to take proper care of the trees. In case you face any problem, opting for the services of a tree surgeon is worthwhile.