Step by Step Guide for Using a High-Quality Floor Maintenance Cleaner


Are you spending too much scrubbing and scouring your tile and grout? Do you always feel your floor tile looks dirty and stained? Then you are not alone! Many people face issues with regular maintenance of their flooring. Whether it is your kitchen countertop or your flooring, staining and mold formation is inevitable. So does it mean that you have to spend a lot of time and effort scrubbing these stains away? Now, we have a better solution for this nagging problem. pFOkUS brings you an incredible countertop, and floor maintenance cleaner which is a reliable disinfectant that helps you get rid of bacteria and germs from your surfaces.

You can first deep-clean your surfaces using Imperia Deep Clean to get rid of deep-rooted stains, mold and mildew. Once  your surfaces are deep-cleaned, you need not worry about infestation at the root-level. You can then use Imperia Maintenance for regular cleaning to maintain hygiene and beauty. pFOkUS always tries to create products that offer long-lasting and efficient solutions in home and building improvement. Our products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratory. We have explained below the best weekly maintenance cleaner from our product range. These will help you keep your surfaces well-maintained.

Imperia Maintenance Cleaner

Meet – Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, a one stop solution for all your weekly cleaning needs. It is a regular maintenance product that will keep your surfaces clean and sanitized. Regardless of sealing your surfaces, superficial dust and dirt settles on them. Furthermore, various kinds of bacteria, fungi and viruses also infect your surfaces including your natural stone, tile, brick, glass and grout surfaces. You need a powerful and impactful daily cleaner that can eliminate all these germs and dirt, rendering a clear and hygienic looking surface.

Imperia Maintenance has all such properties. It is the number one floor maintenance cleaner as it can work its magic on all kinds of surfaces. It has been formulated after years of research in the laboratories. We at pFOkUS found a need to develop a product that can combat superficial stains like water stains, hard water stains, soap scum, filth, dirt, dust, grime and other sticky debris from floorings and countertops. This floor and countertop cleaner is all you need to keep your surfaces clean on a daily basis.This product is particularly beneficial for home or commercial complex owners who want to clean their floorings in an easy way.

D’Sapone – a paramount stone, glass, brick, tile and grout restoration service provider in the US only relies on our products for their services. They too recommend you to maintain your surfaces with Imperia Maintenance once they have deep-cleaned and sealed them.

Let us see how Imperia Maintenance works on different kinds of floorings:

Cleaning Ceramic, Porcelain and Quarry Flooring:

Ceramic and porcelain tile are not porous like marble and travertine. These do not absorb moisture like other natural stone, but yet, these do get superficial dirt, dust, grime, filth, stains and hard water dots.  Once your ceramic and porcelain tile are deep-cleaned, you can maintain them regularly using Imperia Maintenance. It efficiently sanitizes your surfaces by eliminating the superficial stains that occur on a regular basis.

Similarly, Quarry tile do not have a top glaze like natural stone. They have a rough exterior which catches dust and stains rather quickly. These should be removed immediately, else the stains get dense. Imperia Maintenance is the best cleaner to help you maintain your quarry flooring.

Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring:

Many people get natural stone installed for their flooring. Such surfaces are porous and tend to absorb moisture into their pores. This leads to mold and mildew breeding at the root level. Moreover, food and beverage spills are also absorbed and these become dense and stubborn within the pores. You should first clean your natural stone surfaces with pFOkUS deep cleaner – Imperia Deep Cleaner. It is a deep soaking product that eliminates stains and mold from within the surface. Once your surfaces are thoroughly sanitized at the root level, you should seal it with topical sealers to prevent further stain formation. But even after you have sealed your surfaces, you cannot prevent superficial stains. These may not cause any permanent damage to your surfaces, but yet, they do spoil the aesthetic appearance. Imperia Maintenance assures that you enjoy a sparkling surface at all times.

Floor Cleaning Guide

  • Just spray it on the tile surface and leave for a few minutes.
  • Wipe off with a clean and soft cloth to reveal a sparkling surface below.

Imperia Maintenance cleaner is not only easy to use, but also one of the best floor cleaning products available on the market. For more information, visit So use our flooring maintenance cleaner and get rid of any stains that may settle on your surfaces.