Step By Step Guide To Install A Water Pump In The House


We know how important a water pump for our house system is. It offers a regular supply of water to every part of our homes. While constructing the home or after it, every owner has to install the water pump to avail the water from the taps. A pump installation company is responsible for carrying out the task of installation. However, if you want to save yourself from extra costs, you can do the job on your own. Follow this tutorial to know how to install a pump.

Steps for the installation of the pump on your own-

  1. Initially, you need to decide the type of water pump that you wish you install. The market is full of many customized models that can suffice your every need.
  2. The first part is the most critical stage as it will determine the flow of water in the pump. Collect all the tools and materials like water pipes, screwdrivers, electricity cables, electrician’s tape, screws, wrenches, and pliers that are essential.
  3. After that, you need to install the plug for the water pump. The plug provides power to the pump to lift the water.
  4. Choose a spot that is near the water pump and install the plug there. The plug will minimize the number of resources.
  5. Select a place in your backyard or house that is not far from the other parts of the house. The water pump should be installed in such a place that the water can be easily supplied to all the parts of the home.
  6. Create a shade for the water pump if it is an open area. You can use iron sheets or wooden logs to construct a small house for the pump. The shade will prevent the pump from external factors like rain, storms, or theft.
  7. Connect the main pipe running in your locality to the water pump in your home.
  8. Lay down the electric wires safely such that they pass through the underground of the water pump location.
  9. Keep the electricity and water supply off until the process is completed to prevent you from any accidents.
  10. Now, lift the water pump and keep it in the decided place or inside the pump house.
  11. As per the booklet provided by the manufacturer of the water pump, connect the electric cables and water pipes to the pump. You can also read the guidelines provided by sump pump installation Company on the internet.
  12. It is advised to read all the guidelines cautiously before performing the connection task.
  13. Prime the water pump by boosting its pressure level.
  14. Look and test whether the water valves are opening or not by turning on the electricity. If it does, then your pump is ready to use.

In case you observe some leaks, try to tighten the joints. However, if you still face some difficulty in starting the water pump, you can contact any pump repair Company for help. They can surely make your task easier.