Storage Savvy Pieces to Enhance your Home


Finding the right furniture is never easy, it never has been and it never will be, however, there are a few pieces that, once you get your hands on them, will love you and your home forever! Future proof purchases are those that will give you the most style and function, long term. Functional furniture in pretty much any family home is predominately to do with storage. Finding places to store and display the unimaginable mounds of stuff that everyone curates over the years is essential to maintaining a clean and cohesive space. Shop for these pieces and you can be sure that your furniture will be functional, picture perfect and totally future proof…

Display Cabinets

A display cabinet is a brilliant way of storing your best loved accessories, books and family memories stylishly. Cabinets have a classic family feel to them, perfect for all different design categories and homes. Look for a clean painted timber style to add to your floor plan without overpowering the room. Style books, vases, plants, artwork and photographs proudly in your beautifully timeless cabinet. This is the ideal balance between storage and style.


Bookshelves are a family furniture essential. Place yours in your home office, bedroom, hallway, kitchen or lounge, this piece works absolutely everywhere. You can display and store all manner or items alongside your books, in fact, careful placement of accessories can bring some amazing visual excitement to your bookshelf! Look for an item in classic timber for an investment that will last your family a lifetime. If you need extra storage, use boxes on the bottom shelves or hunt for a design with drawers.

Blanket Boxes

Blanket boxes are perfect for tucking away your household clutter and for bringing in some lovely soft furnishings into the mix. Blanket boxes are amazing shape shifters, they can be used as coffee tables, play boxes, arts and crafts stations, shoe storage, cushion storage or bedding boxes! The possibilities for these pieces really are endless, which means that you can consider picking up more than just one. A blanket box in each room of your family home will ensure that your entire household will always look ship shape and tidy.

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets will keep your home looking beautifully organised whilst still making sure that it feels nice and comfortable. Add wicker woven baskets into the corners of your lounge to stash magazines, electrical clutter and books. A cosy and functional home doesn’t mean that you have to go without your creature comforts, especially in rooms that are supposed to be for entertainment. Baskets are the best way of still getting everything you want out of your family space, without having to compromise on the neatness, organisation and overall style of your household. You can use your baskets to bring a pop of colour or touch of character to your room, shop for eye-catching styles to bring some interest to your space.

Sideboards and Buffets

A sideboard or a buffet is made for making life easier! These have an air of old world elegance to them, originally used in traditional dining rooms as a station for food serving and crockery storage. Add one of these to differentiate between the dining and living areas in open plan kitchens or pop it in your dedicated dining room for a wonderfully functional, fashionable and formal area of the home.

Shop for baskets, buffets, bookshelves and timber display cabinets to bring plenty of style, storage and comfort to your family home.