Stunning & Stylish Display Home Bathrooms Ideas


The bathroom is one space in a home that is more frequently used than any other area. Most homeowners opt for bathroom remodeling compared to any other space in their homes. Your outdated bathroom needs a clean, uncluttered, and contemporary design to suit the latest trends in the interior decor industry. Remodeling your bathroom to suit the latest design trends in the industry will surely push your home from the 20th century to the 21st century. It will also amp up the comfort and glam quotient associated with your bathroom. Visit Ross North Homes for stunning and stylish display home bathroom ideas.

Pick the Right Bathroom Layout

More than 70% of the worst accidents in a home happen in the bathroom. Your bathroom should be relaxing, comfortable, luxurious, and safe at the same time. The trick is to get your bathroom layout right. In fact, our contemporary bathroom design ideas will let you easily pick the right layout for your bathroom. The first step is to segregate the wet and dry areas in the bathroom before remodeling the unit. Wet areas include the bath zone where the tub or shower is located. You should separate the wet zone physically with a curtain or partition. A shower screen is a great idea to give your bathroom a modern touch. When you separate the wet and dry zones of the bathroom, you can minimize the risk of accidents, control humidity, and enhance the design of the space. It also helps keep your bathroom free of footprints and clean most of the time.

Consider the Location of the Shower Carefully

Both design and functionality are important when remodeling your bathroom. Opt for a functional and discreet shower in a small bathroom. If the bathroom consists of a bath, evaluate the opportunities and limitations of the space. Opt for a two-in-one bath and shower within the same space if you have a small bathroom. In case there is more space in the bathroom, you can segregate the two. 

Modern Bathroom Ideas for Tiles

Changing the old tiles in your bathroom can make a great difference. If the walls of the bathroom are light-colored, opt for colorful tiles with bold patterns. You can choose the pattern of the tile depending on the size of the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, use simple textures to avoid an overcrowded feeling. If there is more space in your bathroom, you can opt for different combinations of tiles that are more striking. On the other hand, changing the tiles in your bathroom will help draw attention to/away from a specific area of the bathroom. You can also use statement tiles to mark a zone in the bathroom including the vanity or bath area.

Add some plants to provide a touch of nature to the bathroom. Consider the environmental condition of the room when choosing plants. Bathrooms usually have a constant change of temperature and humidity.

While it’s easy to look for modern bathroom ideas, it’s difficult to maintain a contemporary but functional design at all times. The above list of tips will help you renovate your personal space and make it part of your overall home design.