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Summer Care : Top 3 House plants for beginners

Summer Care : Top 3 House plants for beginners

There’s nothing like the vibrant green of a houseplant to liven up a dull room or office. These leafy plants offer a touch of beauty and draw the eye, making a space feel more welcoming and more alive. However, caring for houseplants can sometimes be quite tricky. Luckily, there are several hardy and forgiving houseplants that are the perfect option for beginners. Below, we look at three of the best choices and offer tips about how to best care for them.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is a striking, tall plant that can grow from between slightly less than a foot tall to eight feet tall, depending on the species. The most commonly kept of these plants tend to grow to between one and two feet tall, but with the right care, the most popular varieties can grow to six feet tall. Because of this, it is important to ensure that you provide adequate space for a snake plant.

The leaves of the snake plant are bright green with a darker green banding or patterning across them, and some varieties feature a yellow lip around the edges. The leaves themselves are tall, stand upright, and are shaped like a sword.

Snake plant is a very forgiving houseplant. It prefers to receive a good deal of light, but it won’t mind too much if it’s placed in a dimmer area. In addition, these plants do not require too much watering. Best of all, snake plants are easy to propagate—a larger plant can be split at the root and divided.


Pothos is a type of vine and is often seen in hanging baskets, although it does quite well in a pot. These plants look somewhat like ivy, although their leaves tend to be much larger. They are also colorful, with the leaves displaying dark and bright green colors as well as splashes of yellow. Pothos will grow rapidly, so they are an excellent choice for filling an otherwise blank space. They don’t require pruning, but keepers may want to trim them back occasionally in order to keep them from spreading too far.

Pothos require very little care and aren’t too fussy about soil conditions. In fact, these plants will even take root in water alone. In addition, light is not a concern for these plants, as they often thrive in more dimly lit areas. When caring for a pothos plant, water infrequently. Overwatering can cause root rot. These plants actually prefer to be dry, so let the soil dry almost completely before watering again.

Spider Plant

Perhaps one of the most well-known indoor plants, the spider plant is easily recognized by its long, thin leaves, which spill out over the pot. Spider plants are available in a number of different varieties, but the yellow and green type, which has variegated leaves, is the most common.

The spider plant gets its name from the baby “spiders” it grows. These small, leafy appendages are actually offshoots that will grow on their own if given a chance. They can be gently separated from the parent plant and placed in their own pot if desired, but pruning is not necessary otherwise. Spider plants can grow to a relatively large size, so they are a good choice for a tabletop plant.

Spider plants prefer direct sunlight but won’t mind being placed in a shadier area. In addition, these plants will continue to thrive, even when they are under- or overwatered. Although spider plants prefer not to be placed near a cool draft or air conditioning vent, these plants are also hardy in different temperatures and can even withstand extreme heat.


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