The Benefits of a Garden Conservatory


A conservatory is much more than just an enclosed porch attached to your home’s exterior walls. In addition to acting as an environmentally friendly supplement to your home’s heating and cooling system, a conservatory has other benefits, too. You can use it as extra storage space or as additional living space. Read this guide to learn more about the benefits of a garden conservatory and when you should incorporate one into your future building plans.

What is a conservatory?

As its name suggests, a conservatory is a structure designed to house and protect an individual’s belongings. In its original form, it was typically used to shelter exotic plants that merchants imported from around the world. Conservatories can be crafted with varied materials such as wood or glass. They are usually outfitted with heating systems and humidifiers so that the collections can remain healthy during even sub-freezing weather.

Conservatories increase property value

Not only are they beautiful additions to any home, but they also increase property value. According to recent surveys, a backyard with an attached or freestanding conservatory is valued at over £10,000 more than a comparable property without one. Attached sunrooms and glasshouses are particularly valuable in wintertime, as wintry weather has less impact on them than other rooms, especially if the conservatory has a solid roof.

Conservatories extend your living space

Many homeowners use their conservatories as an extension to their main home. They’re excellent for watching TV, socializing, playing board games, or simply chilling out after a gruelling day at work. If you want to get some fresh air without having to go outside in all weathers, then your garden is a beautiful place to do it from. After all, why settle for one room when you can have two?

Conservatories give you more light during the day

During the winter months, it’s light during shorter hours. A conservatory will help you get more light into your home during these hours. This also has some significant advantages for those who love gardening and plants. They will be able to grow many different plants and flowers even if it is winter outside. This means they won’t have to worry about checking on their plants as often because they can spend less time tending to them and more time enjoying themselves inside their home.

Conservatories provide a private space

Much like private rooms in an office or home, your conservatory is yours alone. This means you can use it as a dedicated workspace or even somewhere to take your meals. Whatever you need from it, there’s plenty of room to accommodate. Conservatories are simple to heat and cool: Since many conservatories aren’t fully glassed-in, they offer more flexibility when it comes to heating and cooling.

A conservatory connects the outside to the interior of a home

Gardens are thought to be perfect for stress relief, and it’s easy to see why a conservatory is beneficial when you can enjoy your favourite flowers in your own home. It doesn’t hurt that beautiful plants help clean indoor air, too.

Conservatories are perfect for children

Young children love to explore, and there’s so much for them to see, touch, and learn about. Conservatories are perfect for children to play inside during chilly weather. No one likes being cold outside on a windy day—but having your very own tropical paradise at home can make even late November feel like summertime and give children the feeling they are outside without the freezing weather!