The Benefits of Pole Buildings

It used to be the case that post-frame construction was associated exclusively with agricultural outbuildings like barns. Although some people still call these buildings “pole barns,” the reality is that post-frame construction is now used across a wide variety of industries. Today’s Pole Building Contractors even use post-frame construction techniques to create beautiful, modern homes. Read on to find out about the many benefits of pole buildings to see why this trend is finally catching on across the country.

They’re More Affordable

Pole buildings cost very little to construct in comparison to stick-framed houses and outbuildings. They don’t require a traditional foundation, take less time to construct, and even use fewer building materials. A combination of reduced labor expenses and lower overhead costs adds up to a remarkably affordable option for constructing anything from commercial buildings to residential garages and more.

They’re Stronger and More Durable

Pole buildings feature sturdy posts and directly connected roof trusses. This construction method creates strong, durable buildings that can handle everything from wind storms to heavy snow loads even on large buildings with open floor plans. The same advantages that have drawn agricultural and commercial clients to post-frame construction for decades also apply to smaller buildings.

They’re Energy Efficient

Post-frame construction requires significantly fewer supports, leaving up to eight feet of space between the poles. There aren’t any studs, which means all eight feet can consist of uninterrupted insulation, reducing heat transfer and offering greater energy efficiency than traditional stick-frame buildings. That’s a win for both property owners’ wallets and the environment.

They Go Up Fast

When property owners hire contractors to construct pole buildings, they don’t have to wait anywhere near as long for their projects to be completed. These buildings are easy to put up and can be constructed using pre-manufactured materials. Combine that with the fact that there’s no need for a full foundation, and it’s clear that pole buildings provide a perfect option for property owners who need to have their homes, commercial spaces, or storage facilities up and running as fast as possible.

They Have an Open Floor Plan

Post-frame buildings’ reliance on posts and trusses for support means there’s no need for interior load-bearing walls. Large, open floor plans offer the kind of design flexibility that can’t be matched by traditional stick-frame construction. Property owners can still add interior walls, but since they won’t be weight-bearing, it will be much easier to reconfigure them in the future should the owner’s needs change.

They’re Perfect for Any Environment

Pole buildings are highly adaptable to lateral pressure, which means they can be erected under almost any site conditions. The multi-column design spreads lateral force evenly across the structure, reducing the need for soil stabilization. Even constantly shifting soil will not overturn the walls of a pole building.

They’re Becoming More Popular All the Time

The growing popularity of pole buildings has been changing many property owners’ minds about their feasibility. There are now more contractors than ever who have experience with post-frame construction, and the mainstreaming of this building technique has led to increased acceptance among future buyers.

The Bottom Line

Pole buildings are efficient, affordable, and highly versatile. Contractors can use post-frame construction techniques to build everything from agricultural storage facilities to beautiful, comfortable homes. Reach out to find a qualified contractor to discuss the project and get started.