The best part is that the shop fit-out contractors will coordinate all trades needed for the job


What is shopfitting?

A shopfitter is a person who builds and installs a commercial space, an activity known to our trade as ‘fitting out’. A shopfitter is someone who designs, builds, and installs fixtures for retail and commercial spaces so that they are suited to the needs of your company. As a result, no matter what type of store you own-be it a cafe, restaurant, department store, office, or retail store-you can hire a shopfitter to “fit-out” your space according to your specifications.

Amongst their many responsibilities in Perth, you can enjoy:

Support from start to finish – shopfitters will assist in the management, control, and coordination of the project from conception to completion.

Counters, cupboards, shelves, floors, mirrors, and display units are all manufactured and installed.

Decorating (walls) – including product recommendations.

Supply and installation of fittings, fixtures, and equipment required for the operation and trading of the firm. A hair salon, for example, would require mirrors and wash chairs, whereas a café would require freezers, refrigerators, and other such items.

Commercial shopfitters Perth management and coordination of all relevant parties for the task, such as glaziers, painters, plumbers, flooring specialists, electricians, and carpenters, to guarantee that your space is delivered on time and to your requirements.

All of the trades will be scheduled, coordinated, and controlled by a professional Commercial shopfitters Perth firm.

What is the role of a shopfitter?

As they work all across Australia, we’ve had many people mistake our shirt branding for a shoplifter when they read it. Then obviously thinking this can’t be right, realized we are shopfitters

Shopfitters are also responsible for supplying and installing fixtures and fittings in addition to building and assembling joinery. For example, mirrors and wash chairs might be given as part of a hair salon fitout. For example, refrigerators, freezers, mixers, and bain-marie devices are examples of the shopfitting that is required in a café. All of this would be handled by the designated Commercial shopfitters Perth.

Shopfitters coordinate and project manage everyone from glaziers, plasterers, and painters to plumbers, electricians, and flooring specialists.

As a result, the greatest shopfitting advice I can provide as an experienced shopfitter is to involve your shopfitter early in the design phase. This saves customers time and resources that would otherwise be spent on project management.

All of the trades will be scheduled, coordinated, and controlled by a professional Commercial shopfitters Perth firm.