The Different Garage Styles As Seen Across the World


Multiple factors are taken into consideration by the garage builders, like the size, the location of your house, the finishing materials of the exterior portion, and the garage-style when building a detached garage space. However, the style of the garage is one of the major aspects that you must determine. According to the roofing companies Calgary, there are four basic garage styles, all of which determined by the roof shape:

  • Gable Garage
  • Cottage Garage
  • Reversed Garage 
  • Dutch Garage

When hiring a builder for the successful completion of a detached garage, you must take up a style that best caters to the shape of your house roof.

Gable Style Garage

A gable-style garage is one of the most prevalent garage styles seen across the world. The garage-style features a triangular garage overhead door side that is built by the sloping rood on both sides. The basement development calgary suggest the gable style garage to be the most cost-efficient, owing to their non-complex roofing system and their non-requirement of finishing materials and framing materials.

Cottage Style Garage

Also known as the Hip-style garage, cottage style garage comprises of a pyramid roof that slopes down on its four sides. The cottage style garage provides maximum protection against extreme weather conditions and elements because of the four sides overhanging on the sides. Cottage-style garages are generally expensive according to the garage builders, given their complicated roof truss system and requirement of more finishing materials.

Reversed Gable Garage

A reversed gable style garage is similar to a gable style roof/ However, the overhead garage door is situated under the roof eave rather than on the gable sides. This garage-style is expensive to pull off because it needs an engineered overhead door beam. The reverse gable garages are quite common amongst the basement development calgary.

Dutch Gable Style Garage

The Dutch Gable garage combines the style of cottage roof and gable roof systems. The Dutch gable style of roof as proved by the roofing companies Calgary combines both the benefits of hip roof and gable roof while adding an extra architectural feature. This is one of the most expensive roof styles to build as it needs more finishing materials and framing.

While it seems great to have the roof of your garage similar to that of your house roof, it might not always be a good choice. While a traditional Gable roof detached garage is the most budget-friendly option, the cottage and dutch gable style garages add aesthetic appeal to your house. 

And last but not the least, the reversed gable garage would let you create your garage on your property line and help you make the optimum utilization of your yard.