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The Perfect Pool Financing Process for You Now

The Perfect Pool Financing Process for You Now


To have a pool at home, you will need to do two types of maintenance: physical and chemical. Physical maintenance consists of filtering, brushing, vacuuming and sifting the pool, and the investment required to purchase the materials does not come into the monthly cost, since you will only buy the equipment once. You will spend approximately $ 250.00.

  • If you choose to hire the services of a company to do this cleaning, the monthly cost of physical maintenance will be approximately $ 300.00.

Chemical Maintenance

Chemical maintenance is responsible for keeping the water crystal clear and sanitized. To have a pool at home, you will need to invest in products that are indispensable, such as chlorine, pH and chlorine test kits, sponges and edge cleaners. In case of pool financing this is important.

  • The quantities of products used in the water treatment vary according to the volume of the pool water, type of treatment, frequency of use and time of year.
  • Considering the application of all these products, the average monthly expense can vary from $ 45.00 for a small pool (5.00 x 2.5 x 1.40)   up to $ 120, approximately, for a large one (4.00 x 8.00 x 1.40)
  • If there are doubts about the recommended dosages and chemicals, follow the chemical manufacturers’ guidelines or ask a trusted dealer for help.

Having a pool at home is an important decision and it must be well planned, after all, with it, in addition to great benefits, the property can be valued and differentiated, but one must not forget that there is an investment to be made and a careful maintenance that must be followed.

Remember that the values ​​presented in the post may vary according to the region of purchase of materials and the particularities of each pool store in the place.

Make the Consideration

Do not forget to consider in this equation all the pleasant moments together with those you love that will be provided from this investment! In addition, this investment generates appreciation and differentiation for your property. Taking this into account, the cost or benefit will be quite positive!

Start researching now and choose the professionals who will make the dream of having a pool at home a reality for you and your family.

Whoever never wished to own a pool at home, but loses hope in imagining the high value to be invested to build and maintain. The construction of a swimming pool can be expensive, but over time and with the existence of new materials on the market, building a swimming pool has become increasingly accessible.

Construction-swimming pools

Based on conventional measures of 8 meters in length by 4 in width and 1.40 meters in depth, the values ​​can vary from $ 4 thousand to $ 20 thousand, on average.

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