The Right Living Room Furniture Items

You spend a lot of time in your living room, but its slightly outdated decoration is starting to catch your eye. What better way than to embark on the new decor of this centerpiece of the house? How to decorate a living room? Change the paint, move your furniture, take care of the lighting, etc. Here are our 5 trendy ideas to transform your living room.

A decorator will be able to advise you 

Your living room has not changed for several years and you are starting to get bored of it. No need to break the bank to breathe new life into it and adopt a new trendy decor. Here are our simple and effective tips for the new layout of your favorite living room. For the living room furniture’s  this is important.

Choose a new paint: a good refreshment to revive the whole

It’s all a matter of taste, but some paintings are still more popular this year. This is the case for the following colors: 

  • The green fir,
  • The terracotta, 
  • Electric blue.

However, nothing prevents you from staying sober with white or off- white walls. These light colors are also highly recommended if your living room is not very bright.

Anyway, a new decor undeniably involves refreshing the walls with a good brush stroke. And if you wish, why not adopt a trendy wallpaper on a section of the wall to give it a little touch of pep?

Declutter the living room: a more refined room for better relaxation

You must have accumulated things in your living room in recent years. It’s time to sort and especially to declutter the space. Indeed, the clutter of a living room can have very negative effects on morale and generate stress. So for a more relaxing atmosphere, separate yourself from trinkets you don’t care about, remove unnecessary small pieces of furniture like chairs, side tables, etc. For the rest, invest in a few trendy baskets in wicker, rattan, or even pink metal for example. They will be perfect for storing books lying around under your coffee table, sofa throws, etc.

Move the furniture: a ventilated space for better circulation

The ideal way to breathe new life into the room is to create an airy and uncluttered space. To do this, peel the furniture and especially your sofa from the wall . It will be easier to move around on a daily basis. Move the library and add a carpet to the floor. You will see that the friendly space in the center of the room is more pleasant.

Adjust the lighting: multiply light sources for a softer atmosphere

Did you know? The right interior lighting can dramatically transform a room. In the living room, it is essential to have several sources of light. If you only have a ceiling light, add a large floor lamp near the sofa or a few bedside lamps on your furniture. Replace the old bulbs with low consumption ones to create a softer atmosphere, a more friendly atmosphere and save energy.

Add green plants: a lively and colorful room

Add a touch of the exotic to your living room with simple houseplants. Bamboo, monstera, chamaedorea, cacti or energizing plants, you are spoiled for choice. They will be the final touch of your new decor and will bring your new living room to life.