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The Rising Popularity of Countryside Property

The Rising Popularity of Countryside Property

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause uncertainty, concern about property grows. Many property owners around the UK are anxious about their investments while others are looking to use the time during lockdown to make their property even more desirable with extensive renovations. One trend notably growing is the demand for countryside homes. Villages around the UK are beginning to see an increasing number of new visitors looking to rent or buy.

There are numerous reasons for this. The population density of cities coupled with the growing concern of repeated spikes in COVID-19 cases is certainly prompting people to look elsewhere. However, perhaps the most significant change is that a greater portion of the population is now able to work remotely.

When considering reasons to relocate, a job position is often placed very highly. A person’s proximity to their place of work is important. Cities are full of central apartments and homes that allow workers to live nearby, often with only a short commute between the two locations. Suburbs develop allowing for a little more space for families, as well as a more relaxed atmosphere away from the energy of a city centre, while still maintaining a relatively simple journey to a place of work.

The international pandemic, however, has changed this.

As businesses have looked to continue their operation during the lockdown, many have made the transition to remote working. Technology, such as video conferencing and cloud storage, has made this shift quite easy. For the many, the ability to work from home has been overdue. Companies are also beginning to see the potential savings too as the cut the overheads of office spaces out of their budget.

It is likely that many businesses will not want to reverse their operational structure again once the lockdown has ultimately been lifted. In addition to the benefits already being seen, the extra cost of shifting workers back into central locations will be unjustifiable during a time of economic downturn.

Now that remote working is becoming more widespread, employees are free to move anywhere. Country homes in more rural areas are being sought after. Not only are the often substantially cheaper than city homes, but they allow for much more luxury too, such as a morning view of the sea or home offices built inside log cabins. When given the option to leave the stress and demand of a city for a more quiet and relaxed area, many will take it.

To further support a shifting population, the lockdown has forced many retailers to improve their online presence and delivery options. At the beginning of the lockdown, delivery slots from supermarkets became difficult to get and farm box demand skyrocketed. As other businesses began looking to continue their services via delivery, including many food and drink stores, residents can have their shopping brought to them.

As the British lockdown continues, with the hopes of eventual easing, countryside homes are rising in popularity. This is only the beginning too. As remote working and distant living become more established, they are likely to be even more sought after as people look to leave the city behind.

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