The Smart Options for the Best Air Conditioning


Ideal for modulating the indoor temperature according to the outdoor temperature, air conditioning in the home appeals to many French people. Do you want to equip yourself with such a device? Two important criteria are to be taken into account: your needs, and your budget.

Home air conditioning: what are the different types of appliances?

Today there is a wide variety of models on the air conditioning market, most of which fall into two main categories: packaged air conditioners and split air conditioners. For the air conditioning Athens GA this is important.

Monoblock air conditioners

The monobloc air conditioner is an air conditioner made up of a single block.Available in a fixed version, it is aesthetically similar to a wall radiator. Connected to an outlet to the outside, the monobloc air conditioner evacuates the hot air from a room to the outside.

In its mobile version, the device performs the same operation, with the difference that a flexible duct installed on the windowsill of an open window replaces the outlet on the front for the evacuation of hot air to the outside.

Split air conditioners

Competitors or alternatives to monobloc air conditioners, split air conditioners have at least two units on their side, one finds its place inside the accommodation while the other is installed outside the house. Note that several models invest in the category of split air conditioners:

  • Themonosplit air conditioner, fixed or mobile
  • Themultisplit air conditioner with several indoor units
  • The duct air conditioner which very often induces the installation of a condenser-compressor group in the attic of the house.

The type of model

Identifying the different types of models is one of the main questions French people have about the air conditioner. So be reassured in your approach and take advantage, if necessary, of the advice of a professional to help you make the right choice.

The reversible air conditioner

For many, the only purpose of air conditioning is to bring some fresh air inside a home when the outside temperatures get frantic. With a reversible air conditioner, you also have the option of blowing warm air inside your home when winter is coming to an end. The reversible air conditioner then functions essentially like a heat pump with an air conditioning mode and a heating mode.

Inverter air conditioner

The “classic” air conditioner displays a basic operating mode which is based on the “all or nothing” principle. When it detects that the interior temperature is too high, the appliance switches on and then stops operating once the desired temperature has been reached. The cycle repeats continuously throughout the day / night.The Inverter air conditioner offers a variable air conditioning speed which allows it to limit consumption peaks.

The solar air conditioner

At a time of renewable energies and the awareness of environmental issues, the solar air conditioner offers a more ecological alternative to traditional air conditioners. However, its implementation and operation remain more complex.

  • Reversible climate control
  • Summer and winter, protect your comfort from the vagaries of the weather
  • Discover air conditioners

Which air conditioner to choose according to the surface of your house?

Knowing the size of your home is one of the imperatives for investing in a home air conditioner that is suited to your needs. In this area, only one main data to remember: it takes, on average, a power of 100 W per m² 1 to cool a room with a ceiling height of 2.50 m (standard height in most houses).