The Underrated Benefits of Staying in a Furnished Apartment


Bringing your family along for an extended business trip can be a good idea, but the task can become a challenge because of how difficult it is to find comfortable accommodations.

You’ve probably gone on Google more than a few times and entered “hotels near me” hoping for an affordable yet comfortable option to no success. In that case, why not try entering “furnished apartments near me” instead.

What to Expect from Furnished Apartments

Furnished, corporate, or short-term apartments – they all mean the same thing – are prized for how accommodating they are. Compared to the typical hotel room, corporate apartments feature more in the way of familiar amenities.

Most hotel rooms give you a bed and maybe a chair or two. Short-term apartments recreate the home environment better by providing guests with more furniture options.

You also won’t have to rely on room service or deliveries for food. The vast majority of furnished apartments give their guests access to full-sized kitchens that come loaded with plenty of the essentials. Guests will have the option of preparing satisfying, home-cooked meals if they opt to stay in a short-term apartment.

Guests similarly have more options with regards to their laundry.

Sure, they can still take their laundry to the dry cleaners, but the availability of washers and dryers inside the apartment gives the guests the chance to just handle this matter on their own. These places of accommodation also often come with walk-in closets that can be used to store clothes once they have been cleaned.

Why Furnished Apartments Are Great for Families

If you’re traveling together with your baby or a toddler who still can’t get comfortable anywhere other than home, you really need to type “furnished apartments near me” into Google.

One of the best features of furnished apartments is that they can be customized to fit your family’s specific needs. Let’s say that you are traveling with a baby and would like a crib available for him/her. The owners of short-term apartments can take care of that for you.

You can also ask for other pieces of furniture to be added to the apartment so that your whole family can be as comfortable as possible for the duration of your stay.

It’s also worth pointing out how spacious furnished apartments usually are. Unless you happen to book the hotel’s penthouse suite or something similar to it, you’re probably going to end up with a room that is not really cramped, but isn’t wide open either.

Furnished apartments provide guests with more space so that they can relax better at the end of a long day.

Stay in a Furnished Apartment the Next Time You Head Out of Town

Hotels have long been the default option for folks going on a business trip, but you don’t always have to settle for them. Trying out a furnished apartment the next time you have to travel is a wise move and it could lead to a more pleasant experience.