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Things to know about Polished Concrete Floors

Things to know about Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is considered to be a system where polishing is done to simple concrete floors to derive that quality glossy finish. The floor can be provided with beautiful embedded designs, patterns and colours. Commercial areas experiencing maintenance concerns prefer such floorings. One major factor separating polished concrete floors from that of the others is longevity. Even homeowners who love to have that natural stone look prefer this type of flooring.

What are the benefits of installing polished concrete floors?

It is quite affordable unlike that of natural floorings. They are also not vulnerable like that of conventional floor choices such as wood and ceramic. It is easy to maintain the floor. You just need to dust and mop the floor to eliminate grime and dust. There is also no need to worry of any allergy inducing agents, pollen or dust mites as moisture does not get settled in such floors. Moreover, electricity costs are les since the floors reduce artificial lighting facility requirements. For commercial buildings like restaurants, offices, etc. it is a crucial aspect as they need bright light all the time. Such floorings are also considered to be versatile as it is possible to create preferred colours and designs.

Is it safe?

Yes, when dry! When compared to polished marble or waxed linoleum, they are much better in this aspect. However, to avoid accidental slips, anti-slip wax is to be coated on the commercial floorings. Special additives are present in the anti-slip conditioners, thus making them quite safe even if it is a wet floor.

Are they costly?

They are quite inexpensive to install when compared to natural floorings. The price generally depends on required polishing level. Generally, costs may go up if other techniques are planned to be used like acid staining or decorative concrete. Prices might vary depending on the contractor and the area. Concrete polisher hire can do a better job as well as help save a good amount of amount during the installation process.

Are these floors easy to maintain?

Yes! However, it will require regular and proper maintenance to ensure being in the best condition and to appear as good as new. Dust particles and grime if accumulated might cause scratches as well as create a dull effect on the floor. But sealing or waxing the floor is not necessary unlike other floorings. Simple regular mopping will eliminate grime and dust while making the place appear beautiful and well maintained.

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