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Tips to Create a Rustic Bathroom

Tips to Create a Rustic Bathroom


The rustic countryside bathrooms have always been on our bucket lists. Also, this year has taught us how we should never wait for something as we never know when life stops, and we get stuck inside our houses for months. Thus, it is about time you learn the best ways to give your bathroom a rustic feeling and enjoy bathing with satisfaction.

  • Lighting: For any themed bathrooms, managing the lighting is a must. For rustic ones, the lights need to be warm and dim. One can always renovate and recreate nature by using lanterns and more raw lighting products to give a real feeling.
  • Curtains: Many companies offer renovations of bathrooms into specific themes. These also include compatible curtains, like maybe forest shower curtains, to make your showers memorable and enjoyable like never before.
  • Fittings: For the rustic feeling, it is always recommended that you use matte finish fittings, preferably brass ones, in order to complete the outlook of the bathroom. You can never go wrong with rustic bathrooms, and there are multiple portals available with varieties of collections of fittings, basins, and everything else you would need. Aluminum buckets, stone finished basins, etc. also help set the perfect mood.
  • Walls and Floors: Neutral colored stone or brick walls with wooden plates and wooden concrete or grey tiles for flooring are the best-suggested combinations for a rustic bathroom. However, you can always go crazy with your imagination and create something nobody else would have been able to. After all, you are the only person capable of understanding your needs best.

It is true that we don’t spend as much time in our bathrooms as we do in other spaces. But bathrooms are our only destination for a wide range of activities, and it would be bad to underestimate the amount of mood-lifting and reputation setting bathrooms can do.

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