Tips To Help You Find The Right Fisher And Paykel Spares


There’s nothing better than optimising our homes with premium appliances that make our everyday tasks that much more enjoyable. With an elegant finish and durable lifespan, Fisher And Paykel appliances are with you for the long haul – they won’t be jumping ship any time soon! But, when the unfortunate does arise, and you find your appliances struggling to operate, you can successfully bring them back to life with Fisher And Paykel spare parts from Steve’s Appliance Spares in New Zealand.

With us, you are met with excellent service, end-to-end customer support and have your pick of top appliance spares nationwide. Servicing the New Zealand public and service companies, we ensure no one is left out of the opportunity to enjoy the finest quality appliances that are Fisher And Paykel.

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What You Need To Know When Buying Appliance Spares

If you’re not in the service trade, it may be challenging for you to navigate your way around finding the right spare parts for your appliances. But, many people prefer to avoid the extra cost and simply opt to repair themselves, so be sure to consider these points when searching for a spare part:

  1. Model numbers may not be enough – you may find that the manufacturers fitted different parts to the same model. So, they don’t change the model number but fit different parts mid-production. This can cause major issues in your search for the right spares, so don’t rely on the model number alone. Instead, look for serial numbers and production codes to help you narrow down your search.
  2. Model numbers on the front of the appliance are often not the full number – typically, the number found on the control panel of an appliance refers to a range of products in which different model numbers exist.
  3. Third-party copies – many spare parts are not made by the original manufacturer but rather by one completely unrelated to the product. It is, of course, important to source genuine parts to ensure the appliance has a longer running life and to avoid possible operational issues.
  4. You don’t get very good guarantees when fitting your own parts – although a spare part is covered under the sales of goods act, and needs to be as described, of suitable quality and last a reasonable amount of time. However, if you fit the parts yourself, you are not covered for incorrect placement or misdiagnosis, rendering a return ineffective. Be sure to read through the provider’s terms and conditions to better understand spare part guarantees.

Why You Should Trust A Professional For Appliance Repair

Fixing an appliance from start to finish can be a lengthy process, one that many untrained people are not clued up to do. For this very reason, it is best to hire a professional tradesman who understands the complexities of the appliance and who can find the correct spare parts at the best prices. From proper diagnostics to fitting the part and everything in between, you want the most affordable options without sacrificing quality, which is why hiring a professional is in your best interest.

Other great benefits of hiring a professional for your appliance repair is safety, troubleshooting expertise, knowledge and education, and peace of mind. What more could you possibly ask for?

Now, instead of spending countless hours trying to find the right spare parts, you can simply hand it over to an industry expert and have the job done in far less time than any do-it-yourself attempt.

Here at Steve’s Appliance Spares, we are committed to providing only the highest-quality parts directly to the public or service companies nationwide, so you are guaranteed the greatest return for your investment. With our compelling alternative to replacing an entire appliance, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money while still retaining the quality and performance of your Fisher And Paykel appliances.

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