Tips To Protect Your Plumbing from Tree Roots


It’s common for tree roots to damage water pipes and sewer lines around properties. Essentially, these trees are looking for water and nutrients from the sewer lines. Any crack that can enable them to get some water and nutrients is always welcome. Unfortunately, plant roots overgrow and end up damaging the entire piping system. Certainly, you don’t want to deal with regular plumbing problems caused by tree roots. Here are some strategic tips you ought to consider.

Plant Sewer Friendly Trees

Some tree species are known to be sewer friendly. For example, the weeping willow is a good choice. You should also go for maple trees and sweet gum trees. When planting trees around your sewer line, make sure you go for these species. These trees have shallow and small roots that don’t invade sewer lines. You can contact tree experts to give you more suggestions on the best species to plant.

Regularly Check Your Plumbing System

Be in the habit of regularly checking your plumbing system for any signs of damage. This way, you’ll be able to spot a problem early before it gets out of hand. Doing this also makes it easier and cheaper to fix any issues and avoid unnecessary toilet replacement. You can use a sewer camera to check the condition of your sewer lines. This tool will let you see if any tree roots are growing into the pipes. Regularly checking your system will help you avoid significant damage that could be very expensive to repair.

Apply Root Killing Chemicals

If you notice that tree roots have already invaded your sewer lines, act fast and use root-killing chemicals. These chemicals can effectively kill the roots without causing any damage to the pipes. Make sure you apply the chemicals as directed to avoid any problems. However, this is only a temporary solution as the tree roots will eventually grow back. Not all root-killing chemicals are good for the environment. You should, therefore, do some research to find eco-friendly root-killing chemicals.

Use Physical Barriers

You can consider installing physical barriers such as metal screens to keep tree roots away from your sewer lines. The screens will create a physical barrier that the roots cannot penetrate. This is a more permanent solution as opposed to using chemicals. You can get metal screens from your local hardware store. Make sure your physical barriers are properly installed to avoid any problems. Avoid heavy construction near the sewer lines as this can damage the pipes and make them vulnerable to tree roots.

Hire a Professional Plumber

Whenever you’re dealing with plumbing issues, it’s always best to hire a professional plumber. Working with professionals is usually necessary when it comes to tree root invasion. Plumbers have the right tools and experience to deal with this problem quickly and efficiently. Trying to fix the problem on your own will only make it worse. It’s also essential to hire a professional plumber to maintain your plumbing system regularly. This will play a critical role in helping you avoid any significant problems in the future.

Mark Sewer Line Location

It’s also a good idea to mark the location of your sewer lines. This will help you avoid any damage when you’re doing any construction work around the property. Knowing the exact location of the sewer lines will also help plumbers quickly identify any problems. Marketing your sewer lines is a simple and effective way to avoid any damage. Also, make sure you keep an up-to-date map of your sewer lines.

Remove Damaging Trees

In some instances, the best solution is to remove the tree entirely. This is usually when the tree is too close to the sewer line. Removing the tree will prevent any further damage to the pipes. You should, however, only remove a tree as a last resort. Make sure you consult with a professional before taking this step. Also, you need to consult the local authorities to see if any permits are required for tree removal.

Trees are essential for the environment as they help improve air quality and provide shade. However, they can also cause problems for your plumbing system. Tree roots can invade sewer lines and cause all sorts of problems. Use the tips discussed above to protect your plumbing system from tree roots.