Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Should Know About


Bath remodel kirkwood mo, similar to furniture or fashion, follows some trends. Innovation in style and functionality are two of the keys that determine the change in trends. These trends can persist for a few weeks or months, or even a few years at times. Before you start a bathroom remodeling project, as a trend conscious homeowner, you need to have an idea about all these trends in bathroom remodeling. Following the right ones can boost the resale value of your house, and make your bathroom more inviting, comfortable and functional. Here are some major modern Gosford bathroom remodeling trends that you have to know about.

Wall paint / paper matching bathroom color scheme

These days, it is a popular trend to have the color of wall paints or papers matching the bathroom color scheme. Latest Gosford bathroom remodeling trends include concrete or vinyl flooring, rather than tile flooring. You may have the concrete colored, to match your bathroom color scheme. It is an especially nice thing to do, as bathroom floors are exposed more to water. Concrete flooring can last for more time.

Bright colored Bathroom sinks

This has been a popular trend for some time now, and continues to be so. Bathroom sinks in brighter colors are supposed to make even dull and drab rooms brighter. The addition of fiberglass or acrylic sinks is also quite popular today. Tub coverings can help make bathrooms look brighter, cleaner and more beautiful. Even without investing a lot, you can have a nice, remodeled bathroom space and make it look nice.

Use of Jacuzzi

These days, regular tubs have been substituted by Jacuzzi. Some homeowners also prefer steam shower over run of the mill bathtubs. These can make them feel rejuvenated and more comfortable, while in the bathroom. These days, such new Gosford bathroom remodeling trends have ushered in plenty of innovation. These are becoming much more economical for many homeowners. Many homeowners like to install Jacuzzi, steam shower etc in the bathroom during the construction itself, rather than during remodeling. In case of bathroom remodeling, there are plenty of trends that are optional and are loved by homeowners.

Changing bathroom fixtures

This is another of the latest trends in Gosford bathroom remodeling today. These days, it has become quite a popular practice to change existing bathroom and restroom fixtures with gold and chrome. Some years back, resin and clear plastic handles used to be quite in vogue. Today, these have gone out of fashion.