Trending Ideas on the Latest Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

There are countless ways to design the interior of a kitchen. But if you like a classic-looking interior with a weathered demeanour, distressed kitchen interior design is the best you can choose if you want to create your dream design.

The best way to achieve this design is by working with distressed kitchen cabinets. In this article, we have reviewed trending ideas on these cabinets. You can try them to create the distressed kitchen design of your choice.

What are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet designs with weathered wood finishes are what designers refer to as distressed cabinets. Generally, they are widely known to bring a rustic vibe to any interior they are installed.

While many homeowners love modern-looking cabinet designs, distressed kitchen cabinets are their obsession. Many love these cabinet designs for the following reasons.

  1. Natural Beauty

With their natural wood appearance, distressed cabinet designs are naturally attractive. They look not only warm and soothing but elegant and durable. Whether you go for customized or generic designs, one of the best things you can enjoy from them is their pristine beauty.

  • Practicability

Generally speaking, all-natural wood cabinetry designs, including distressed kitchen cabinets, are loved for their practicability. From the ease of usage to ease of maintenance, these drawers are naturally functional. Besides, these cabinets have a longer lifespan and can easily be modified, compared to many cabinetry designs.

  • Multiplicity of Varieties

Besides their pristine appearance and functionality, distressed cabinets are adored for their versatility. They come in multiple design varieties, from generic classic designs to transitional and contemporary styles.

Trending Ideas on Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

  • Modern Custom Distressed Cabinets

One way of achieving a distressed outlook in the interior of your scullery is by installing custom distressed drawers. Custom distressed cabinets are designed with different hardwoods, the most notable being oak, teak, maple, cherry, hickory, and mahogany.

  • Distressed Cabinets Mixed with a Blue Hue

Distressed kitchen cabinets blend well with so many colors, thanks to their neutral outlook. But the best color you can mix them with is blue. If you add a shade of blue on various parts of your scullery, for example, backsplashes, some parts of the cabinetry, and walls, your scullery will not only look dramatic but also functional.

  • Distressed Cabinets with Industrial Hardware

Just like they rhyme with so many colors, distressed cabinet designs can blend with different material finishes. If you want them to stand out, the best thing you can do is to mix them with metallic finishes, for example, iron accents and furniture. In this regard, you need to beautify them with fixtures and implements made of stainless steel, gold, chrome, or brass.

Final Thoughts

While there are multiple designs you can choose from when designing the interior of your kitchen, the distressed interior design is the best you can opt for if you prefer classic-looking and fashionable kitchen interiors. With distressed kitchen cabinets, you can easily achieve your dream design.