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Two fresh new and interactive wall decoration pieces

Two fresh new and interactive wall decoration pieces

This post is about two new products for decorating your walls in your home spaces. These are both novel and interactive products. One is a wall map and the other one a display for placing your photos or other creations. 

Enough introduction! Let us get on the features and uses of each of them.

Chalkboard Maps: A new way to map your life

This is a wall made of flexible rubber and iron map that comes as a World Map, United States Map, or Europe Map. It is a standard 24”x36” and can fit perfectly into a variety of easily store-bought frames. A nice feature is the liquid chalk (if you have dust allergies) that can instantly be wiped away with a damp cloth.

It is magnetic for attaching magnetic pieces. There is even an app for custom ordering magnetic pieces of your photos.

Overall this is a nice wall décor piece for displaying the history of your trips or trips you are planning, and it is easy to personalize and make it unique to you. And also, it is always fun to express yourself with colored chalks in this map, making for some bonding time especially for families with children.

As per the time of writing this article, the product crowdfunding campaign is closed, but they have an online store in the updates section. 

Check it out for yourself here (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chalkboard-maps-a-new-way-to-map-your-life#/).

Turn your photo into an art piece – Magnetific

This is a wall display seemingly an inspiration from the ancient mosaics and the modern dotted art of the 50s and 60s, Pop Art.

All your photos or whatever art you want to place in this product can be printed on cheap standard paper. Yet the product looks refined enough to be used as a focus piece while decorating a wall or space. This is achieved thanks to the choice of materials used in the product.

The product seems be easy to use, be of good quality materials and finishes. The design aims to be timeless. It is modern with very simple forms but still with refined elements like hanging the rings and chains. So, it would fit in the décor of a traditional architecture space. 

The display can be hung in a wall or from the ceiling (and floor also) in which case it can be used as a two-sided display which is a pretty cool feature. 

There is a web app to create some Pop Art content from your photos and to download a printable PDF. Or just browse through 200 creations in the website from other users. 

As per the time of writing this article, the product is in a crowdfunding pre-launch phase.

Check it out for yourself here (https://magnetific.com/crowdfunding/).

Hope you found these fresh new products inspiring for a decoration project or for giving out as a gift. 

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