Types of Residential Pumps


The modern lifestyle is all about convenience and the means that convey it. Since the need for comfort is global, new tools and gadgets get invented more frequently nowadays. As water is a crucial part of everyone’s life, it is only reasonable to simplify its usage. A residential water pump is one of the tools built to ease our routine water use. Residential water pumps help facilitate household purposes like sprinkling, showering, aquarium filtering, and washing dishes. As their usability is versatile, their types are diverse too.

There are different types of residential water pumps you can buy for your specific needs. This abundance of options serves many purposes, but it can create confusion too. This is what happens with many of us, and the blog will solve such issues. It’s hard to explain all the different kinds of residential water pumps in one go, so the blog will briefly explain the usage of the four most popular residential water pumps. Read through to know about different types of residential well pumps leesburg VA and their use.

Different Types of Residential Pumps

Openwell Submersible Pumps

An Openwell submersible pump is a pump immersed in a tank, container, or well. They are designed to facilitate water immersion, and their motors stay within compartments filled with oil. The presence of oil is of no concern as it does not contact the substance it pushes.

Uses of Openwell Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump has different uses, like transferring water from wells. They can also be used in settings involving acids and extreme pressure. Additionally, these pumps can be used for moving water from bodies like pools, lakes, and rivers.

Borewell Submersible Pumps

The title borewell pump sounds daunting, but its use is relatively straightforward. Such pumps are submerged in water and are kept air-tight to function properly. They basically lift water to ground level from a bore for further use.

Uses of Borewell Submersible Pumps

As mentioned, a borewell pump is generally used to transfer water from a bore for residential uses. The water transferred is commonly transmitted to households for drinking or farms for crop production. These pumps hold high usability in areas with adequate rainfall and nearby water bodies.

Solar Water Pumps

As the name suggests, a solar water pump is a pump that uses solar energy to help stabilize and boost water to different locations. Compared to other alternatives, these pumps hold great credibility to offer clean, energy-efficient, and simple means of water pumping.


Uses of Solar Water Pumps

A solar pump is commonly used for delivering drinking water to households. However, its applicability in rural areas to provide water for irrigation and livestock holds a more significant presence. Since the pumps are solar-powered, they can be used in both urban and rural settings equally.


Residential water pumps are slowly becoming a crucial part of numerous households. The pumps can be used in multiple settings, but the sheer amount of residential water pumps can confuse people. That is why the blog has mentioned the four most popular types of residential water pumps. We hope reading through it has given you the basic information on them. To know more about the different types of residential water pumps, check out the Crompton website.