Unique House Plans and Blueprints


One of the surest ways to guarantee that your home keeps value when it’s resold is to design it from the ground up and make it an entirely custom home from blueprints to materials. Having a unique home blueprint will ensure resale value and have marketing appeals when the time comes to sell. If you’re looking for a way to have custom blueprints made for your home, hundreds of companies would be happy to do the work for you, but you might have to be cautious. Selecting the right blueprint isn’t just as simple as picking the one you like the most. If you’re planning on a custom property, it’s going to need a lot of attention to detail. There are things to consider that have huge effects on your home value. For example, if your house is planning on using custom cut granite in the kitchen, it’s probably a good idea to match the master bathroom sink with that same granite countertop. Another consideration is the size of your lot. If you plan on a huge household, it might not be the best idea for a half-acre lot. If you plan to include a basement, you’re going to need to consider the city water table. If not, your blueprints might look like they fit, but end up in a catastrophic flood. Another consideration is the relative location of geographical features, like a hill or a stream. Planning around these features can create a gorgeous custom property, but forgetting to adjust your plans for them will result in an ugly, unfortunately placed dwelling that loses value even when placed close to an attractive natural feature.

Just as much as the blueprint is important, planning your home by scouting the exact spot and making adjustments will be necessary. When it comes time to resell, not only will this blueprint planning pay off, but it will enhance certain custom features built into the property, such as extended garages, gardens, terraces, even things like swimming pools. No custom blueprint will fit perfectly into every area. Still, make some slight adjustments to your plans. You’ll end with a successful custom design that will hold value for years, capitalize on natural features, and have long-lasting and desirable materials. Some of the most desirable homes are attractive designs and placed attractively in their location to make good use of features even further to enhance your property’s beauty and uniqueness.

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