Ways to Reduce Litter Box Smell

Does your cat’s litter box make your home smell like a cat-litter factory? Here are seven ways to reduce the smell. 

One of the downsides of owning a cat is dealing with their litter box. The constant odor can be overwhelming and hard to get rid of. But don’t worry, here’s the best air purifier for cat litter odors that most of the cat owner use. We’ve also put a list of tips that will help you reduce the smell, and keep your home smelling fresh.

7 Ways to Reduce Litter Box Smell

  1. Scoop your cat’s litter box every day.

If you don’t scoop the litter box every day, then all of the nasty fluids your cat leaves behind build up and it can leave a bad smell. When you clean out the litter box daily , it cuts down on any bacteria that may be lingering in there, which will help reduce that foul odor.

  1. Use baking soda or white vinegar to neutralize odors.

Use either baking soda or white vinegar to eliminate the urine smell from your home completely . Sprinkle some baking powder around the area where your cat’s litter box is located. If you prefer to use white vinegar, wipe down the entire surface with a diluted solution of vinegar and warm water after you’ve emptied out the litter box completely . Don’t forget to wipe the area where the litter box sits.

  1. Use an automatic cat litter box to cut down on odor.

If you need help cutting down on the smell of your cat’s litter box, then try using an automated one . Automatic boxes come in many different forms but all work pretty much the same way. They use electricity or batteries to open and close the lid to the garbage receptacle when your cat enters and exits. This helps contain some of that smelly stuff by keeping it locked away until it can be disposed of properly, rather than having it sit around in an uncovered receptacle for hours at a time without anyone near by.

  1. Keep food out of your cat’s reach while they’re using their litter box

Some cats are prone to eating their own feces, which can make your kitty friend sick. If this is the case with your cat , try keeping food out of the litter box area while they are using it, or when you know they will be using it by placing an edible deterrent in that area . Cats are just like humans when it comes to being tempted by food. Put something stinky there that they won’t be able to resist!

  1. Try using a special kind of litter box liner

If you’re having trouble cutting down on the odors from your cat’s litter box , then try lining the bottom of the receptacle with a special type of plastic bag designed for this purpose . The bags help keep bad smells locked away inside, so that all you’re left with is a light, pleasant fragrance.

  1. Clean and sanitize regular dishes between uses

If you use your cat’s food dish as their litter box , then it will definitely start to smell bad after a few days . Just like how scooping the litter box regularly cuts down on odor, so too does cleaning and sanitizing the dishes between each use . While you probably won’t be able to avoid some type of smelly bacteria from sticking around in there, at least it won’t be as smelly if you clean out the mess every time that it occurs.

  1. Keep kids and other pets away from the litter box area

Some cats don’t like to share their litter boxes with other animals, so if you have pets or kids try to keep them away from the area while they use it. And of course, don’t let kids go digging around in there!

If your cat’s litter box problems are making it impossible to enjoy your home, then take these tips into consideration and hopefully you will be able to make a positive change quickly. With any luck at all, these steps will help cut down on the amount of odors coming off of that receptacle.