What a turnkey Bathroom builder Northern Beaches can do for you?


Whether it’s for the renovation of a bathroom or the addition of a new bathroom in the basement or elsewhere in your home, it is advisable to hire a professional Bathroom builder Northern Beaches. Our goal is that your bathroom renovation goes off without a hitch and that is why we only work with the most highly qualified professionals.

What a turnkey contractor can do for you?

Bathroom design service:

Your Bathroom builder Northern Beaches will not do the design himself, but he may be able to offer the services of a designer before proceeding with the demolition stage. Otherwise, we can recommend a specialist bathroom designer to optimize your space.


While you can do some of the demolition yourself, it is best to leave this task to professionals who are better equipped and can dispose of the scrap more efficiently.

Bathroom builder Northern Beaches who have experience with hundreds of bathrooms know exactly which items or pipes can be cut and which must remain intact. In addition to being meticulous during demolition, they will prevent you from potential injuries or costly mistakes that could for example cause water damage or fire in the event of a short circuit.

In the event of a problem, contractors have the necessary insurance to repair the damage. What you don’t have.

Plumbing and electricity:

Your Bathroom builder Northern Beaches will take care of the necessary preparation work for the plumbing and electricity. So that, everything is ready for the eventual installation of the toilet, bathtub, faucet, sink, built-in, heated floor, towel warmer, light fixtures, etc.

Gypsum and ceramic:

Once the “rough” is finished, the contractor can close the walls and the floor, then install the ceramic.

Install vanity, cabinets, and sanitary facilities:

Once the ceramic has been installed and the painting is complete, the Bathroom builder Northern Beaches will install the vanity and other furniture, such as the hanging cabinets. He will then install the toilet, bathtub, shower doors, etc.

Finishing work:

Once everything is in place, light fixtures, mirrors, moldings, ceramic backsplashes, faucets, and other accessories, such as the towel bar, can be installed.

Remember, a professional and experienced bathroom builder knows which solutions would work best for you. While the steps seem pretty straightforward, there’s a lot more work and planning behind each one than you might imagine.

These professional bathroom builders will be available from start to finish to answer all your questions, at no cost or obligation.