What Are The Different Types of Land Clearing Techniques?


When it comes to clearing land, there are two main types of land clearing: pushover and pullover. In the former, a large piece of machinery will cut down all the bushes and trees in a particular area. Then, it will move the trees to another zone. Whether you choose the pushover or pullover method, the stumps will remain in the ground. The bushes and trees can be ground down into mulch and pulled out later. In the latter, large tractors will grind everything down into mulch, while tree stumps are cut and moved to another forest. Noble Land Development LLC can help with the entire real estate development process from land clearing to building.

Rotary tillers cover large areas quickly, but they also leave huge holes and a messy finish. While this type of land clearing technique is acceptable for some purposes, it is not ideal for others. For instance, it may take two passes to complete the process and will leave a huge pile of debris. This method is also expensive because it requires heavy machinery to remove trees and stumps. While this method works well for clearing land, it is not ideal for all situations.

Other land clearing techniques include the pullover method. This can cover a large area quickly, but there are still some limitations For some uses, this method may be okay. In others, you might need to use a different method. Pulling involves hooking a chan to the tree or item you’re removing and pulling it away with a tractor. Be sure to remember this will only work in certain situations, as you cannot just hook any chain to any vehicle and have it work. 

The rotary tiller technique is the most popular type of land clearing. However, a rotary tiller can clear large areas quickly, but it will leave large holes and a rough finish. This method is best for properties with fewer trees, bushes, and bushes. It will take two passes to completely clear a large area, but the end result is a large pile of debris. In addition to leaving a large pile of trash behind, it will also take a considerable amount of time to remove. And, it will cost money as well.

There are two other types of land clearing techniques: pile and burn and underbrush. Both involve removing brush and trees and are often a difficult task to complete on your own. A pile and burn technique can be risky for the environment, and may not be the best choice for clearing land with a large amount of brush and trees. For this reason, a pile and burn technique should be used sparingly and only when you are sure that the area will be safe to use.