What Can Help My Colorbond Roofing From Fading?

For such a powerful roofing material, Colorbond is often faced with one crucial question, does it fade? The truth is, it does, but after a long period of time.

However, this beloved roofing material for homes in Newcastle is still a more colourfast option chosen by many homeowners. Thankfully, our Colorbond experts have put this post together to help you reduce how much your roofing material fades.

Maintaining Your Colorbond Roof

As you already know, the roof is an essential part of any building structure. Unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected parts of my houses. The colour on roofing will fade faster if not properly taken care of.

The extent to which your roof fades will be dependent on how much glcare you give it, and this plays a significant role in the upkeep of the roofing material. More often than not, roof maintenance is a task for professionals because homeowners either lack the know-how, which equipment to use to yield the best results, or they just don’t have the agility for exceptional maintenance.

There are many Colorbond roofing professionals in Newcastle who can take the load of your plate and carry out the job at a reasonable rate.

In the spirit of helping those who may not be able to afford immediate roof maintenance services, there are a few simple DIY tips you can use to ensure your Colorbond roof stays in immaculate condition for longer.

Weather Conditions on Colorbond Roofs

The weather in Newcastle can be unpredictable, and this is a critical factor when weighing the longevity of Colorbond roofing. Extreme weather conditions can have a major effect on how your roof ages and ultimately, it’s lifespan. Take UV light for example. Harsh UV light can make Colorbond roofing fade two times faster than some contaminants. The and part is that no one can control how this light falls onto our roofs, however, you can reduce fading by opting for a lighter hue Colorbond roof. Lighter colored roofs are less likely to be affected by UV rays, which means they’ll fade less than their counterparts.

Check out these great tips for maintaining your Colorbond roofing in Newcastle:

Tip #1: Schedule Regular Inspections

Keeping track of the state of your roofing is the first line of defence against potential damage to your Colorbond roof or anything that could cause fading.

These are the two sides to roof inspection:

  • Self-inspection relies on you to perform everyday things that will keep your roof in tip-top shape.
  • Annual Inspection, here a professional roofer in Newcastle is needed to perform more extensive inspections of your roofing.

Focusing on Self-inspection (because you need to tighten your belt at the moment), make sure you walk around the house, and yard, to check for any fallen roof parts. Get up on the roof, carefully, and check your gutters and eaves for any damage. Also, look for any debris from the likes of trees on your roof.

If, and only if, you have the capacity, you can climb into the roof cavity to check for any signs of leaks and damages in the roof. Make sure you turn off the lights before you get into the roof cavity, loft or attic and then look for streams of light.

Tip #2: Repaint Your Colorbond Roofing

To protect your Colorbond roofing from rust and fading, repainting is a great option. Repainting is also great for restoring your home’s esthetics and can also boost your property’s resale value.

Additionally, it helps with reducing the impact of natural elements like UV light, especially when you choose a lighter hue of paint. Colorbond comes in 22 colors for your roofing; speak to a professional roofer in Newcastle about your needs so they can advise you accordingly.

Bear in mind, repainting your roof is a huge task and beyond any DIY project. Make sure you call a qualified roof painter for the best roofing treatment possible.

Other tips include cleaning your roof gutters to avoid the growth of mould, preventing galvanic corrosion due to metal getting wet or being submerged in liquid. Make sure you protect your Colorbond roofing from corrosion by keeping bolts, screws and flashing are from the same metal.

Taking care of your Colorbond roofing can help your roof last a lifetime. Make sure you have the best relationship with your Newcastle roofer for the ultimate Colorbond roofing maintenance.

At Hunterline Roofing, we pride ourselves in excellence and exceptional quality. Our Colorbond roofing services are the best in Newcastle. If you’re looking for Colorbond roofing, speak to our experts.