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What Causes Septic Tank Odors And How To Fix The Problem

What Causes Septic Tank Odors And How To Fix The Problem

If your septic system york pa is well-maintained, it is not likely to emit nasty odors. However, there are occasions when the system malfunctions and you’ll need septic tank cleaning clarksville tn. It can be a problem with the biological makeup in the septic inspections albuquerque nm , or it can be because the tank is already full.

Understanding the process

Your septic system York PA should allow solid waste coming from your drainage and toilet to settle far underground. Heavy waste should be at the very bottom, slowly being eaten away by bugs and bacteria. There is usually water in between, and a lighter sludge that floats above. This sludge is safe enough to be used as fertilizer.

On a well-maintained and well-balanced septic system York PA, there should be almost no lingering bad odors. The biological makeup of the tank should be well-cycled and if there are any anaerobic activities, the odors should be occasional and minimal. If there are long periods of bad odors taking place, it’s time to call in the professionals.

What to expect

Professionals checking on your septic system York PA will first assess the condition of your tank. Depending on the state of your tank, they can attempt to fix the problem right away. If it is only a tank overflow caused by rain or a simple overflow of solid waste because your tank is due for maintenance, they can perform pumping right away. They can also adjust the biological makeup of your tank.

They can introduce bacteria to your tank in case the bacteria have died off. This can sometimes happen when chemicals are flushed down the drain. They can also suggest that you replace your tank to a bigger one if the capacity of your tank is too small for the number of people in your household or building already.

Do It Yourself

It is never recommended for you to work on your septic system York PA on your own. You could break it, or worse get sick. Without the proper gear and tools, you should never attempt to even touch your septic system York PA.

There are ways for you to introduce bacteria to your septic system, however. It’s as easy as flushing sugar down your toilet. About a cup of brown, raw, or regular sugar will do. You can do this every 6 to 8 weeks until the odor goes away.

If, however, you can no longer stand the smell, or if you feel that this DIY trick is not helping, you should contact professionals to check on your septic tank. You could be due for pumping, which would explain why you are experiencing nasty odors.

Best season for Pumping

To avoid experiencing nasty odors coming from your septic system York PA, it’s best to practice proper, regular maintenance. Having your septic service lebanon pa tanks pumped before it’s full to the brim can help avoid bad odors. In a household with more than two people, you may need to do this at least every three years. Otherwise, you run the risk of a nasty overflow. It is best to conduct pumping during the warmer months so you won’t have to deal with frozen grounds. It is also easier to “restart” the bacterial cycle in your tank during the summer or spring.

Every septic system york pa needs to be properly installed and maintained. Our team at Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service is always ready to help. Contact us today!

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