What Factors Determine Water Damage Restoration Costs?


Water damage is one of the most onerous issues a homeowner can face. It is also one of the leading reasons behind home insurance claims and expensive damage restoration repairs. Consulting mold testing experts is an excellent way to assess the damage. 

However, you would still be in the dark about the total cost related to restoration services. Damages caused by storms, leaks, and floods are always a threat. If your home or commercial installation has been affected by storm floods, you need to remove the water immediately. 

Being a universal solvent, water can corrode any material over time. If you live in a snowy or rain-prone area, addressing water damage issues is essential. Here are some of the factors which determine the water damage restoration costs. 

The Total Size of the Area 

Note that the larger a damaged area is, the more costly it will be to address water damage issues. Moreover, it usually takes more time, resources, and workforce to repair a more extensive area damaged by water. On the other hand, fixing a smaller size can be expensive if the damage is more severe. 

Volume of Water 

The volume of water present in an area impacts the extent of water damage. Always remember that water flows in a horizontal manner. And when it flows deep into the structures, it can cause profound damage. With the increase in the volume of water, the cost of water damage restoration also escalates. 

Type of Water 

Consulting restorations repairs services is perhaps the best way to estimate cost. There are three types of water classified based on health risks. 

  • Category 1- Clean water which is devoid of any health risks 
  • Category 2-Grey-colored water, which comprises contaminants that pose a health risk
  • Category 3-Black-colored water, which is highly contaminated and can cause serious health issues

Cleaning black or grey water requires skills that only professionals possess. Hence, calling restoration services is the ideal option. Note that water damage repair costs also depend on mold removal. If mold is present, it adds an extra process to water damage repair.