What Happens During Mold Remediation Process?


Mold growth is a common problem in most households. It is a type of fungus that grows in dark and moist places. Having mold spots in your home can be a big problem as they cause various health issues.

If there’s mold growth in your house, you should call a professional mold remediation service as they can help control mold problems.

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Before you hire a mold remediation service, let’s give you an idea about what happens during the process.

1. Before the company’s arrival of the company

Remove all the furniture that is unaffected by mold. You need to clear the remediation area, so the company can do its work easily. If you have pets or kids, take them to a separate room. You wouldn’t want them near the mold-infested area during the remediation process.

2. Company preparation

As soon as the mold remediation company arrives, they will lay down plastic sheets and hoses through the house to the infested area. In case the area is accessible from outside, the company will not go through your house.

3. Suiting-up

The workers will suit up before proceeding with the process. They will be covered from head to toe in white suits, Google, respirators, and booties. This doesn’t always mean that they will take out toxic mold. Rather it is a standard safety procedure that they follow.

4. Removing items

Items that are already damaged by mold will be removed instead of getting cleaned. This includes plaster, drywall, clothing, furniture, carpeting, etc. To prevent your items from getting ruined, you should remove them from the mold-infected area as soon as you spot them.

5. Bagging items

Items that are infected with mold will be bagged into air-tight plastic bags and taken out of your house. The bags are wiped to remove any stuck-up mold. The mold remediation workers will dispose of the bag depending on the local laws and regulations of the area.

6. Spraying process

The whole mold affected area will be sprayed with a biocide, which is an EPA-approved chemical that is used for killing mold. After spraying the biocide, then comes the waiting period. The waiting period will vary depending on the type of mold that needs to be cleaned.

7. Encapsulation

The next step is to spray the area with a type of whitewash or paint to encapsulate the area. They will also cover the surrounding area so that no more mold can grow.

Mold remediation is successful only when there is no visible mold after the process. So make sure that you hire a reputable mold remediation company for the job.

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