What makes a Garden Shed Work Perfect


An office, a play area for children, an additional guest bedroom, an outdoor kitchen for dinners under the stars, if you want to have an additional room, you need an area of more than 15 m², with a ceiling height of at least 2.20 m. In addition, the thickness of the walls should be at least 34 mm for good thermal insulation. For the click here you need to think for.

When you are going to choose your garden shed, check that the height indicated by the seller corresponds to the difference between the floor and the wall under the slope.

What materials for a garden shed?

Whatever material you like, your garden shed should be installed on a layer of gravel to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater.

The authenticity of the wood

Wooden round

It is the main material for a garden shed. Natural, it harmonizes perfectly with the decoration of your exterior. When you buy a wooden model, consider applying an insecticide and fungicide treatment product, a stain, a paint or varnish.

The main advantage of the wooden garden shed in addition to its aesthetics is its robustness. Wood is also a cold insulator, so it is no coincidence that the loggers’ cabin in Canada (where winter is particularly harsh) is made of wood.

The resistance of the metal

The steel or aluminum garden shed is robust and can be adapted to all styles of outdoor decoration. Provided that periodic maintenance is carried out, in particular steel which requires anticorrosive treatment so as not to rust?

  • In steel, opt for a double wall for good insulation against the cold.
  • In aluminum, also opt for a double The Shed Man wall plus injected insulation.

Once painted in the color of your choice, your metal garden shed will bring charm to your outdoor.

Saving thanks to resin

An affordable price, ease of assembly (even DIY enthusiasts can do it), no specific maintenance,  would the resin garden shed be ideal? At first glance, yes. However, the resin remains a fragile material, which may deteriorate over time. So, for doors and windows, think of a metal structure.

And the openings?

The doors

They can be simple or swing, full or glazed. You have the choice between a single or double glazing in glass or synthetic.

  • On the other hand, DIY enthusiasts can save money and order a kit including the instructions for assembling the garden shed. Unlike shelters made of wood that require carpentry skills and tools, metal shelters are designed to be assembled easily without the intervention of a professional. In one day, two people can install a metal garden shed.
  • When assembling and assembling, however, make sure that the entrance to the shed is wide enough to accommodate your largest items. Some garden sheds are designed with double doors, thus providing ease in moving objects inside. Depending on its location, you must ensure that there is a ramp or steps for access to the shelter.

It is quite possible that you can add decorative details if you want. Indeed, these little touches can make a difference. Even if some garden sheds have doors or domes, you can also add your own ideas such as windows, shutters or vanes.