What Should You Do When You Find a Burst Pipe?


The sewage system is the same for a multi-story building and a private suburban building. Differences start outside the building. In the village, the effluents enter the central sewage system, which is the property of the municipality, plus responsible for its condition and performance. For a private house, indoor and outdoor sewers are a bother only to the owner of the building and his household. Tracking the condition, maintaining parts in working condition, as well as repairing sewer pipes, rests entirely on the shoulders of the owner of the site. Each owner of an apartment or a private house can face such a nuisance as a breakthrough of a water pipe. Repair is best trusted by professionals. For example, the Oxy Plumbing Canberra blocked drains services help in repairing your pipe from any damages.

Well, here are some amazing tips to deal with a burst pipe. Let’s have a look at the following.

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Things to Do When you Find a Burst Pipe

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Things to Do When you Find a Burst Pipe

●      Shut Off the Water

The first thing to do when breaking a water pipe is to shut off the water in the apartment if there is an appropriate tap. Otherwise, you have to go down to the basement and block the entire riser. The main thing is to act promptly so that water does not flood your apartment. Act quickly and do not panic. If a breakthrough occurs in the bathroom or in the kitchen, turn off the electrical appliances on the floor like the washing machine or dishwasher, floor-mounted electric heater, and many others. After blocking the water, inspect the hole to find the appropriate way to eliminate it.

●      Find a Broken Pipe and Inspect For Damage

After draining all excess water, locate the burst pipe. Inspect the damage and think about where the pipe is before running into the home improvement store. Regardless of the damage or the size of the gap, replacing the main water pipe will require more time and effort since it holds more water and leads to additional connections rather than to one pipe under the bathroom sink. If this is a short break, then you can fix it and prevent further damage by saving money. However, if you use a special tape or chemical bonding agent, then keep in mind that it may burst again and you will return to where you started.

●      Special Glue Patch

The Canberra plumbing and drains problems are serious. When you need to eliminate a small pipe breakthrough, you can use emergency glue. On the market and in sanitary ware stores, such compositions are offered in the assortment. Read the instructions on the package and adhere to it when you eliminate the defect in the pipeline. Semi-hard plastic adhesives resembling cold welding are on sale. The consistency of the substance is similar to plasticine. By crushing plumbing plasticine and smear it on the pipe at the breakthrough site, you can protect your pipe.

●      Repair Clamp to Eliminate Leaks

There are special repair clamps to eliminate water pipe breaks in straight sections. This method is quite simple and reliable. With a high-quality implementation, you can quickly protect your pipe build of metal, PVC or metal-plastic. A collar can close a hole or a crack of a sufficiently large length. If the pipes in an apartment or house are badly worn, then have a few repair clamps in reserve. The clamp looks like a curved metal strip with holes drilled at the ends and a rubber gasket. To repair a breakthrough, you need to attach a clamp to the place of damage to the pipe. The advantages of clamps with rubber gaskets include their versatility, as well as the possibility of use in situations where it is impossible to shut off the water supply.

●      Self-Tapping Breakthrough

This is the simplest but most effective means of eliminating a pipe breakthrough caused by a small defect. If you find a hole on a metal or PVC pipe from which a stream of water strikes, screw a self-tapping screw with a washer into it. If the metal pipe is thick, then you will first have to drill a hole in its wall so that the self-tapping screw is easier to screw in. Such repair is considered temporary. Therefore, you need urgent repair work by re-soldering a portion of the PVC pipe or replacing a piece of metal.

●      Pipe Repair

Repairing a gap or crack in minor pipes is usually quite simple but it can be very expensive depending on the material you choose. You will need a long hose, two or three hose clamps or similar grips that create strong compression. Measure the crack and cut the garden hose about ten inches than necessary to fill the damaged area. Then cut the garden hse so that you can put it on a crack or burst in the water pipe. Using hose clamps or similar brackets, hold part of the hose over the torn area and squeeze it all the way. The emergency plumbing in Canberra helps in repairing your pipe.

Check the pipe by turning on the water. If the gap is larger, use a hacksaw to cut off part of the pipe. Be sure to cut it about an inch more on either side of the gap. When replacing a missing piece of pipe, use gaskets and sealant, but do not over tighten them. When the coupling nut is too tight, then will lead to further leakage. If you tightened the coupling nut too much and repaired the ovals, start with another coupling nut.

Bottom Line

If a pipe bursts or even a small leak appears, then do not substitute containers for collecting water and waiting for a convenient moment for repair. The situation needs to be corrected urgently since even a small hole can grow very quickly. And then the problem becomes catastrophic. In these situations, you can also hire an experienced and professional plumber for repairing your pipes. For example, the best plumbers in Canberra are experienced in this case.