What to Expect If Your Water Heater Fails


While heat is essential in the winter for comfort, hot water is required at all times of the year. According to studies, hot water kills bacteria more effectively and efficiently than cold water. Many households have a water heater to assist with everyday chores such as cooking or showering. For new water heater installation naples fl click here.

Regardless of how crucial they are, just a few individuals consider their water heaters or the care that goes into them. These units may become inadequate for a range of reasons, such as a need for more significant maintenance. This can have a variety of unpleasant and occasionally dangerous consequences.

It is critical that you get assistance as soon as you become aware of the effects of a damaged heater. Towers Plumbing offers same-day Alpine plumbing and water heater services to get your daily routine back on track as soon as possible.

Inadequate Hot Water

A faulty heater, as you might assume, will leave you without hot water. This notice appears anytime you switch on the water and continue to wait in vain. It would help if you also double-checked that you twisted the right handle. It may take a few minutes to receive any hot water if you are lucky.

The primary cause of a water heater’s failure to provide its most critical resource is sediment accumulation or blockage. When your unit’s energy supply is impeded, it might become difficult for it to function. Broken valves or a faulty thermostat are other typical issues.

Water That Is Discolored and Odorous

Even if your water heater generates water, it may not be safe. When your unit is operational, it also helps to purify your water supply, making it suitable for cooking or drinking. However, the same sediment accumulation discussed above might create variations in the appearance of your water.

When rust accumulates on older units, it can cause difficulties. Both difficulties result in water that is brown or yellow in color and has an unpleasant odor. Consuming this source might result in ailments like diarrhea or cholera. In this circumstance, it is critical that you call a plumber immediately and only drink store-bought water.

Fires and Flooding

When certain water heaters become blocked, they stop providing hot water and become prone to breaking. The internal pressure becomes too much for them. When this happens, the supply within starts to seep out, and if the breaches are wide enough, the leaks can grow into total floods, causing massive property damage.

Worse, some units can explode as a result of being overworked or under strain. Electric-powered devices are more prone to this, putting not only your home but also the lives of everyone in your household in danger. This can also happen if your thermostat is set too high.

The Correct Upkeep

Fortunately, by periodically maintaining your device, you may easily avoid difficulties. One of the simplest methods to keep your hot water heater in good working order is to cleanse it once a year. This will remove any sediments or minerals that have accumulated over time.

Another important point to remember is to have your thermostat set correctly. A thermostat set too high can not only cause your unit to break down but can also cause burns every time you turn on a faucet. Your water heater’s typical temperature should be approximately 120 degrees.

However, the best course of action, whether normal or emergency, is to contact Towers Plumbing. Residents of Alpine, UT and the surrounding areas have relied on them for small and major repairs since 1942. Towers Plumbing has been in business for so long that it has been able to adapt to changing times and technology, always employing the finest methods available.

Towers Plumbing will frequently advise you to replace an outdated tanked unit with a tankless type. These appliances, in addition to saving up space, require fewer repairs and can save you money on energy and water. When you make this selection, you can rest confident that their installation specialists will assist you.

Hot water is frequently required for doing simple tasks. That means your water heater should never be a source of contention for you. Trust Towers Plumbing to maintain yours in top shape for a service that stands out from the crowd!