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What to Expect When Having Furnace Installation and Replacement Completed


If you’re in need of furnace installation and replacement in Frisco, TX, you may not be sure what to expect. Without knowledge of the key steps involved, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by such a major heating system upgrade. By learning what will happen each step of the way, you can set accurate expectations and be prepared for the critical furnace replacement process.

Knowing what to anticipate will help you plan accordingly, budget effectively, ask your HVAC contractor from Correct Temp Heating & Cooling the right questions, and end up with a furnace that provides comfortable, energy-efficient heating for years. Let’s get started understanding what you need to know before, during, and after furnace installation and replacement in your home.

Getting Quotes From HVAC Companies

Once you decide it’s time for a new furnace, the first thing to do is contact local HVAC companies and schedule estimates. Reputable technicians will come to measure your home’s square footage, assess your existing ductwork and vents, and evaluate other factors. This enables them to size the furnace properly and provide accurate quotes for equipment costs and labor. Expect to get quotes from 3 to 5 contractors before choosing who will do the installation.

Furnace Selection

With quotes in hand, you’ll need to select the right replacement furnace for your home. Key factors include fuel type (gas, electric, oil), efficiency rating, capacity, smart features, brand reliability, warranty coverage, and, of course, overall price. Discuss options with your chosen HVAC company to settle on a furnace model that fits your needs and budget.

Permits and Scheduling

Your HVAC technician will obtain any required permits for the furnace installation. Once permits are secured, you’ll work with the company to schedule a suitable installation date. Furnace replacement can generally be completed in one day if the workspace is accessible. For complex jobs, a multi-day installation may be required. Be prepared to have workers in your home and make sure the area is cleared for their work.

Old Furnace Removal

The installation process begins by disconnecting and removing your old furnace. Technicians will turn off gas lines, disconnect ductwork and electrical, dismantle the furnace, and haul it away. Proper disposal of the old furnace prevents environmental hazards. Some components, like the thermostat, may be salvageable for reuse.

New Furnace Installation

With the old unit removed, the HVAC team will get to work installing the new furnace in its place. This involves securing the equipment, reconnecting gas and electrical lines, attaching ductwork, making any necessary venting modifications, and confirming proper airflow. The team will follow building codes and manufacturer instructions to ensure safe and efficient installation.

Testing and Inspection

Once mechanical installation is complete, your HVAC techs will thoroughly test the furnace and inspect their work. Gas connections will be checked for leaks, and functioning will be evaluated through startup and shutdown. A complete combustion test is performed to ensure safe carbon monoxide levels. Your local building inspector may also come out to inspect the new installation and provide final approval.

Finishing Touches

As their last step, the installation crew will clean the job site, haul away any debris, and walk you through proper furnace operation. Your technician can program thermostat settings, demonstrate filter changes, and answer any other questions. Finally, register your furnace warranty and schedule future maintenance.

With an understanding of what to expect, you can feel at ease through the furnace replacement process. Paying close attention to each step will ensure your new furnace provides comfortable, reliable heating for years to come. When you’re in need of furnace installation and replacement, let us help you. Call Correct Temp Heating & Cooling today to obtain an estimate.

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