What to Know for Effective Summer Home Maintenance


Summer is usually an exciting time for the whole family. Kids are excited to go on summer break and have a good dip in the pool, while adults can bid the bitter cold goodbye and have a bit of a break from preparing daily school needs. But summer is only as fun as how prepared your home is for it.

You have to accomplish several important maintenance jobs in your home in time for the summer. These keep your appliances and utilities running smoothly even as the heat of the season kicks in.

Outdoor Home Maintenance

You and your family will likely be spending a good amount of your free time relaxing outdoors. Ensure a safe and happy experience for everyone by following these few tips.

1. Check your pipes for leaks.

Increased water usage, clogs, and extreme temperatures can break down your pipes. The summer is a good time to check on leaks and repair damaged plumbing, as these could ramp up utility costs when left untreated.

The usual issue with needing to replace broken pipes is the stress of excavating a part of your yard to repair small pieces of plumbing. Today, however, you can opt to have experts repair sewer lines through trenchless means or without having to dig anything up.

2. Clean your grill.

When was the last time you did a checkup on your grill? By now, it may have already built up months’ worth of grease, dirt, and other residue. Since summer is the perfect time for barbecue parties and picnics with your loved ones, it is time to give it a good deep clean.

Gas and charcoal grills will require different cleaning methods, so ensure you follow the proper instructions for cleaning yours. Just remember to use a food-safe cleaner when scrubbing down your grill, as you use it for cooking meals. Wear gloves, too, to protect yourself from injuries.

3. Prepare your yard/patio.

Your outdoor lounge areas may have racked up dust from lack of use over the previous months. To fully enjoy the summer sun, you need to tidy up and maybe even do a revamp.

If you have fabrics on the seating or tables outdoors, have them laundered to wash away any accumulated dust and dirt. Sweep and mop the flooring, too, to make them safer for your kids to run around in.

You should also check on your lighting. Solar-powered light fixtures are eco-friendly and save you money in the long run.

Indoor Home Maintenance

Your outdoor areas are not the only spots that need checking. You also need to take good care of what you have indoors to make them summer-ready.

1. Clean your air vents.

Since you will have more need for your air conditioner during the next couple of months, make sure that your vents are clean. You don’t want to unknowingly be inhaling dust particles, right?

The summer is a great time to have your air ducts looked into. During the season, you can finally get rid of the pesky pests that may have taken shelter in the little spaces of your vents. You hit two birds with one stone!

Vents do not usually require frequent cleaning. However, if you have pets at home or family members with allergies, regular vent maintenance is what you need.

2. Do refrigerator maintenance.

Aside from your air conditioning units, your refrigerator will also be working extra hard to keep your food and perishables cold. Prevent issues by scheduling a checkup with an expert to ensure your fridge functions well during the summer.

You can also play a part in keeping it in tiptop shape. Do not open the doors excessively, as the hot temperatures make it harder to keep things cold inside. It is also good practice not to store too many items and properly cover food to prevent moisture from escaping into the fridge space.

3. Dust the various corners of your home.

Believe it or not, your home houses many pollutants that are hiding in plain sight. Prepare for the summer by regularly dusting your windows, shelves, tables, and other nooks and crannies in your home. Your fans will also need some dusting.

By having a dust-free home, you and your family can have a better time enjoying the cool evening breeze. And when all the maintenance gets exhausting, remember that a clean home is a perfect place to enjoy a nice, relaxing summer vacation.

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