When Is It Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding?


The siding on your home adds to the curb appeal of the property. Furthermore, it protects other components of the house from the weather and pests. Many homeowners give little thought to their siding until they have a big problem. However, catching small issues early allows repairs to be made in a timely manner, which extends the life of the siding. What should homeowners know when they do see a problem? When does the siding need to be replaced rather than repaired? The following signs suggest it is time for the replacement of this home component.

Frequent Maintenance

Homeowners often noticed they are maintaining the siding more frequently when it gets close to the end of its life. A failure to maintain the siding can lead to damage to the underlying wood. Save time and money by replacing the siding rather than constantly maintaining it and making repairs. Doing so ensures the home remains protected and you have free time for the things you truly enjoy in life.


Siding functions to protect the home from the elements. This constant exposure to the elements means the siding will eventually rot. Wood siding that has begun to crumble or is soft to the touch has sustained moisture damage and is now rotting. Contact a professional immediately so they can come out and determine the extent of the damage. Don’t delay, as water may be making its way under the siding and damaging the wood underneath. Replacing the siding now reduces the odds of additional damage to the home.

Damage from Pests

Animals of all sizes can damage the siding of a home. Termites often come to mind first when a homeowner thinks of a pest that can harm their residence. However, woodpeckers have been known to attack wood siding, and other critters may do the same. When you notice an increase in damage from pests, it might be time to replace what you currently have with a siding made from material animals don’t find attractive.


As previously mentioned, siding plays a role in a property’s curb appeal. If the colour is fading, contact a home improvement company to discuss replacing the existing siding. There is no rush to have the work done, but it is nice to know what options are available when you are ready to tackle this project. Additionally, this gives you more time to consider colour and material choice to ensure the best siding is chosen.

Bulges, Cracks, and Sagging Spots

Examine the siding for any signs of warping, sagging, or buckling. Look for cracked pieces when doing so, as all can lead to damage to the home if the problem isn’t addressed. When the damage remains contained to a small area, the homeowner may find replacing one or two pieces will suffice. If the damage is widespread, siding repair roswell ga is necessary

The siding on the home needs to be replaced every so often. The siding material plays a key role in how long this component will hold up to the elements. If you believe your siding is failing, call for help immediately. The sooner any problems are addressed, the less costly the project will be.