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Why Concrete Sealers are a Must-Add in Your Construction Project

Why Concrete Sealers are a Must-Add in Your Construction Project

This 2021, the Australian construction industry is forecasted to rebound by as much as 2.6 percent after a decline in the past two years further exacerbated by the COVID-19 Pandemic according to Yahoo! Finance. This also means colored concrete sealers are going to make a comeback in the construction business. As we all know, concrete is a porous material and so liquids can seep in and cause damage and discoloration. Concrete sealers essentially prevent this from happening.

Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (CCAA) notes that concrete is “the second most consumed substance (after water) in the world” with 70 percent of the global population living in a dwelling with concrete. Even Build Sydney cites that “bricks, concrete and timber are essential to almost every single house in both the Sydney regions and Australia as a whole.” These are just proof that having the best concrete sealer in Australia is worth adding to any construction project. 

A layer of protection

If you are familiar with tile sealers, these are applications added to ceramic tiles at the final stage of installation to ensure that they are protected from water or liquid. Without it, your tiles can become brittle and unpleasant to walk on. The same thing goes for colored concrete sealers. They effectively seal the concrete, in the color of your choice, to prevent seepage which can cause cracks or discoloration to an expensively installed concrete slab. This also works effectively against rain if you have concrete pathways in your lawn or patio.

Adds a professional finish

The cool thing about colored concrete sealers is that they also come in a variety of colors and hues. Because some concrete installations follow a certain brick or rock pattern or texture, colored sealers are applied to give a faux look whether it’s cobblestone gray or stucco. It’s a great finisher too because it can give you a matte or shine feel that elevates the visual appeal of concrete.

Extends durability

According to Build Sydney, the longest-lasting building material is concrete. No wonder, it’s a highly used construction material with over 29 million cubic meters used each year in Australia alone! The life of concrete installations can even last longer with the application of a concrete sealer. It can simply outlast a lifetime especially when you use the best one in Australia. Now, concrete sealer prices may get a considerable cut in your budget (depending on how big your construction project is) but purchasing one is a sure sign that you care for your concrete.

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