Why do my windows leak when it rains?

Of course, your windows are meant to protect you from intruders as well as other elements such as rain, snow, etc. So, if you notice that your windows are leaking when raining, you should realize that there is a problem. In such a situation, the first thing you must do is to identify the cause of the issue.

In view of this, this article will describe some of the reasons your windows leak when it rains.

Bad angles

The most paramount way to prevent rain from leaking through your windows is to keep the water away. Unfortunately, if the angles of your window sills are not good, the rain will likely leak through your windows. Instead of sloping inward or lying flat, the sill must slope away from the window.

Improper flashing

Improper flashing is another common factor that allows your windows to leak when raining. Generally, flashing is used for waterproofing some of the elements of a building such as windows. If the flashing is not installed properly or missing, your windows will likely leak when it is raining. This is because water from the siding of the house will flow to windows and come into your house.

Missing or damaged caulk or sealant

The caulk is usually installed around your window to prevent moisture and air from entering your home through the cracks around the exterior of your windows. However, if the caulk or sealant is missing or damaged, your windows will start leaking when it rains.

So, you should repair or replace the caulk or sealant when it still leaking water. Apart from preventing window leaks, caulking will guarantee the proper insulation of your home. Resultantly, it will help in lowering your energy bills as you will not have to rely too much on your heating and cooling system.


In some cases, your windows are not leaking. But condensation is making it seem as if the windows are leaking. This happens when the warm air inside your building is in contact with the outside cooler air which can be caused by rain. Although poor insulation is the main issue responsible for this, rain can amplify its effect.

Wall leaks

Surprisingly, your window leak issues may not be because water is leaking through your windows. Sometimes, the wall, roofing, or siding of your house is the source of the leaks. If the wall leaks are close to your windows, it may look as if your windows are leaking when it is raining.

To deal with wall leaks, you need to hire the services of a professional to identify the source of the problem. The professional can also recommend the necessary steps to take to mitigate the issue.

If your windows are leaking when it rains, they will not be able to protect your home, reduce outside noise, or insulate your house. All these issues will make your home uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to act immediately by spending on window replacement. Proper window replacement by a professional will make your windows functional again and put your mind at rest.