Why install concrete retaining walls in your home?


There may perhaps be experienced a change in ground elevation. At times, it might exceed the soil’s repose layer or angle. It is here that structures like concrete retaining walls Geelong is considered for installation. The soil’s lateral pressure is resisted by constructing such walls. They ensure that the sloping ground is provided with adequate support, thereby preventing soil erosion. Such construction type helps stabilize the ground level or simply uphold in place the ground. To accommodate and redistribute ground level pressure resulting from the indent, the concrete wall needs to be substantial in component and sturdy.

Materials used

Different types of materials are used to construct walls to retain and prevent eroding surfaces. Besides plain concrete greensboro nc and stone, an important material that is used for concrete retaining walls Geelong is light concrete. A wide range of materials are used to construct all blocks. They can be placed securely close to one another and designed to be fit onto slots such as a jigsaw puzzle. It is equally easy and quick to assemble them. They also prove to be a cost-effective choice. Mortar mixture is not required since the blocks tend to lock in each other’s edges perfectly.


Concrete retaining walls Geelong have been designed in a manner such that they have holes in them. The purpose is to allow manage water seepage. It becomes essential to seep out all collected ground water resulting from the indent through such spaces. Otherwise, the accumulated water will only cause additional pressure upon the wall. This way, the structure will remain stable. Thus, including those seepage holes within the design cycle becomes vital. Steps or tiers may be included to enhance the visual appearance of the wall, based on your specific requirements, preference and budget. A major benefit derived from such walls is they can be designed to retain soil erosion, thus salvaging your lawn.

Other considerations

Concrete retaining walls Geelong may include several interesting deigning add-ons such as wide range of colorful, attractive decorative materials, flowering plants, etc. It helps enhance the wall’s color scheme and overall texture. Also, the outdoor space surrounding the home can have amazing aesthetics. There are also available different styles of retaining walls. Pre-formed blocks are considered to be a hot favorite as they are affordable and also be used easily. By incorporating ingenious designing ideas, it is possible to construct them without hiring the professionals.