Why is waterproofing your basement important to your property?


Basement waterproofing is very important in any home. It offers great protection to the home and properties kept in the building as well as the residents. Over time, many homeowners have seen basement waterproofing as a small investment that protects their big investment in the home. If you have yet to know the importance of basement waterproofing, read further to be adequately informed about why basement waterproofing is very important to your property.

1. Protection of the Home’s Foundation 

Basement waterproofing protects the home’s foundation from water seepage that can undermine its structural integrity. Water seepage into the home’s foundation can cause significant foundational problems that can make the home unsafe for habitation. Meanwhile, you can avoid this problem by waterproofing the basement.

2. Prevention of Flooding

Flooding threatens the safety of a house and its structural integrity. If the basement areas in your home are below the foundation level, basement waterproofing should be of high importance to you to prevent flooding in your basement. The chances are high that your basement is threatened by flash floods and rising groundwater. However, investing in high-quality basement waterproofing will protect your basement against flooding.

3. Prevention of Mould and Pest Infestations

Basement waterproofing prevents mould from developing and growing in the basement because mould thrives in dark moist locations but your basement will be dry with correct basement waterproofing. Mould causes health issues, such as asthma, allergies, coughing, and skin irritation, which you can prevent by waterproofing your basement. Also, some pests and insects that like moist locations can be kept away from your basement. 

4. Low Repair Costs

You can avoid paying so much for repairs by waterproofing your basement. A dry basement and prevention of flooding will reduce the occurrence of damages to your home and you will save money on frequent repairs. Basement waterproofing will protect the walls, wood boards, and paintings which will prevent frequent repairs. 

5. Low Insurance Claim Costs

You will be able to reduce the cost of your home insurance claim. Insurance companies usually charge high premiums for vulnerable buildings. But when you invest in basement waterproofing, you can keep your insurance claim costs low, which is good for you.

6. Reduction in Energy Costs

The excessively moist basement will require much energy to warm. The costs of keeping the basement warm can be all-time high without waterproofing your basement. The reason is that cracks, water seepage, and excessive moisture will make it difficult for the HVAC to warm the basement adequately. Consequently, the HVAC will binge on energy to keep the basement warm.


The reasons above point to the fact that basement waterproofing is very important and that it should be included in your next home improvement projects to have peace of mind.