Why Your Basement Build Needs Professional Waterproofing


When adjusting and improving your home, you have a great many things to think about and consider. For example, if you are going to go through with a new basement installation in Virginia, you want to do the job properly. It has to be carefully managed; it has to be precise in its building, and it must be waterproofed. That’s why many companies today focus on making waterproofing for basements one of their main services. Without the right protection, all of that hard work and investment could be for nothing.

If you intend to go through with a basement build in Virginia, you should look to hire experts who provide basement waterproofing. Services like a JES basement can be just what you need to keep things moving forward correctly. One of the main benefits of basement waterproofing is the peace of mind. If you build a basement without the correct waterproofing, all it takes is one crack or one mistake and you could be facing a huge repair bill.

By hiring someone who can help you to protect that basement, you can make sure that your project is built to last. On top of that, you make sure that the value of your home is protected. In the event of arranging a sale, anyone viewing your basement will want to know if basement waterproofing has been included. If not, it will likely cost you time and reputation as you either carry out waterproofing or you look to cut the cost of the sale to match their needs.

All it takes is one inch

One of the main reasons to think about basement waterproofing is because the amounts of water needed to cause major damage is miniscule. Indeed, even one inch of water can be enough to cost you thousands of dollars in damage!

So, if you have a basement – or you intend to build one – then waterproofing your Virginia basement is absolutely essential. Really, you only need the smallest quantity of water to break through and to impact the basement for the whole thing to be at the risk of ruination.

Like a dam bursting, one small peak of water can be enough to lead to some very serious problems as time goes on. On top of that, the cost of getting everything repaired via your insurance can skyrocket if you are not going to invest in the right kind of protection.

That is why if you own a basement, you should make waterproofing a priority. It might cost you today, but it could save you far more than the cost of a waterproofing service in the future. With some preventative action, you can avoid the kind of home-ruining disasters that could wait for you.

With the weather we get in Virginia, too, it would be unwise to take any risks with regards to flooding and water damage. Your basement is your pride and joy, so why take risks with it? Invest in basement waterproof today, and you can avoid a very expensive mistake.