Wittiest Reasons Why Having a Basement Is Not Good


People used to say that basements are the cheapest place in the house that you’ll never use. It sounds about right for most experiences of people having one. It usually occupies the entire floor area of the house. Families use it most of the time as a storage area. For some, it is the wine cellar, party room, extended garage, or a playroom for the kids. However, not all people love having this kind of amenity because of peculiar reasons.

Classic ghost stories

You were probably one of the kids who hated going down to the basement to get something. Even though you tried to ignore your senses, they tell you are not alone; then, you start to have goosebumps. Your mind starts to imagine out of this world stuff until you run out as fast as you can. Basements retain cold well, and sunlight doesn’t pass throughthem. Therefore, it’s usually associated with random spiritual legends. It is the place where monsters, ghosts, and other creatures hide, so beware of it.

Scene of the crime

It is not new anymore to read news and real-life stories about crimes done in basements. A girl was found dead inside a box or murder weapons found in the basement cabinet. You might think that a fugitive could be hiding somewhere down there because basements are easy to access. Although it might not happen at your house, somehow, you tend to forget this. In the end, you think it might happen in your basement too. Well, if you have one, move to another house instead of scaring yourself. You can sell it or rent it out. Visit https://www.usawebuyhouses.com to get a quick valuation for your home. Move somewhere you can feel safe and stop watching crime series.

It can trigger anxiety

Basements usually have low ceilings plus narrow doorways. The unorganized appliances and piles of boxes can make anyone feel claustrophobic. You feel suffocated and start to panic. The lack of light and constricted airflow in the basement can heighten anyone’s anxiety level. No one can blame you for feeling that way. It’s a place where people hide junk and clutter.

Your ears are always busy

Since the basement supports the entire house and it’s not soundproofed at all, any noise can easily penetrate. You might find privacy in there, but you are not free from all the sounds coming from the ground floor and outside the house. Aside from that, if you happen to choose to sleep there, you might wake up irritated by the buzzing sound of insects. Basements can become breeding grounds for insects.

Basements serve a useful purpose only if well managed. Despite this, of course, it’s our innate nature as humans to be scared or believe in folklore stories. Think if having a basement would benefit you and your family, or will it just be another room for clutter.