Wondering How Much It Costs to Wipe Out Those Vexing Ants?


    There are some cost-effective methods one can try to eradicate the swarm of ants. You won’t feel like you’re pouring money down the drain by using these efficacious methods.

    Ants scampering around your house during the summers are not a pretty sight. I understand the vexation of the households in Brisbane, Australia, because I have been dealing with pests like ants, cockroaches, bugs, termites, etc. ever since I moved to Brisbane. The Ant inspections Brisbane says that no matter how many times you chant “abracadabra,” these pests just won’t vanish.

    Ants just raid your home once they find a source of food. They explore places to look for moisture, favorable temperature, food, shelter, etc. Once they find it, they nonchalantly settle there. Word spreads quickly in their community, and soon the more and more ants follow the scent trail and form a colony in that space. It should be alarming because once they find a safe and comfortable space, their number is just going to multiply and not the other way round. It is important to expunge these unwanted creatures without delay.

    Natural Ways To Keep Ants At Bay

    According to the local Ant inspections Brisbane, mostly ants are found in the kitchen area. Because it is where the food is prepared, some people are reluctant to use chemicals or pesticides for fear of getting their food contaminated. So here are some natural methods, DIYs for you to rid your space of ant infestation:

    Citrus Foods

    Citrus foods like lemon and orange have shown concrete results when it comes to ant prevention. You just have to mix one-part lemon or orange in three parts water and spill it into any spray bottle. Detect the exact spot of infestation and spray the mixture on the spot. This mixture does not kill ants but definitely destroys their scent trails.

    Vinegar solution

    One of the most prevalent ingredients, found in almost every household, is an excellent ant infestation remedy. A mixture of water and vinegar, made in equal ratio, is all you need to kill those troublesome little creatures.


    The ants present in your home are definitely going to suffocate and die when they smell the strong odor of cinnamon. Dab your cotton balls in cinnamon essential oil and place them in the places where you find a colony of ants. The White Ant inspections specialist near me approves of this method.

    Salt or Pepper

    It is a low-cost method that shows desirable results. Boil water and add a few tablespoons of salt or pepper to sprinkle on the infested place. You can simply sprinkle black pepper on the infested place because it is also a great ant control method.

    Coffee powder

    Take advantage of your coffee addiction and sprinkle some coffee grounds in the ant-infested area. The smell of the coffee draws them away. You can also sprinkle coffee in your garden to rid your garden space of ants. Another perk is that it enriches your soil because it is rich in minerals.

    Cucumber, peppermint, boric acid, cornmeal, etc. are some more natural hacks that you can try, but these do not provide a permanent solution for ant infestation. Also, these are very time-consuming. If you are a working professional like me, it is better to opt for an Ant inspection specialist, Brisbane. Hiring Ant Pest Control Brisbane has made my life better and my house free of pests.

    Why Hire A Pest Control Company?

    It is going to be the best decision of your life, especially if you have a constant pest issue because:

    A professional company provides an Ant inspections specialist near me. The specialists (technicians) are properly trained to deal with pests that invade homes. They ensure that your home is well-treated and remains pest-free.

    Their extensive knowledge provides the best solutions, eco-friendly techniques, and pets, children, and plant-friendly products.

    Hiring a service means investing less money and time than DIY techniques. DIY methods require you to buy more and more supplies, which add up to a huge cost. The fees that 24-hour ant treatment Brisbane companies charge is much cheaper and causes less damage to your home.

    Pests are dangerous, and using any wrong elimination method can have serious consequences. Certain DIY treatments take time to show results, and in the meantime, more disease spreads in your home. The pest control companies use green products, so you stay safer.

    You can hire companies for routine Ant inspections near me. It means they will visit your house for routine checkups with preventive treatments.

    They provide 24X7 emergency services and work around your schedule.


    There are numerous natural and professional methods to help you eradicate those annoying ants from your premises, but you need to be wary of the associated costs.