You can avoid common plumbing emergencies

The plumbing component is perhaps the most overlooked part of a home. It is the basis of modern housing. A home’s plumbing allows for on-demand water and gas access in the kitchen, bathroom, or toilet.

All of our sanitary conditions are due to our plumbing systems. Even though we may forget about the pipes, it is important that it does not fail. Plumbing failures are one the most common emergency situations that can occur in homes.

Many homeowners ignore the signs that indicate problems with their home’s plumbing. Advantage Realty explains that homeowners tend to ignore the signs of a plumbing problem and lose water, gas, and sanitation. It is possible to avoid costly plumbing repairs.

Homeowners can maintain their plumbing without having to spend a lot by setting up a maintenance plan that addresses small issues quickly. Here are some common plumbing emergencies that homeowners can avoid.



Plumbing is almost always affected by leaks. A worn washer or gasket can cause dripping faucets. This is annoying and can increase your home’s water bills. It is easy to fix. Simply take down the faucet and replace it. It is not difficult to fix a running toilet. These leaks are caused by faulty components, which can cause a weak flush and prevent the tank from filling. A pipe leak is the most dangerous type of leak.

They are usually found at joints and can be difficult to spot. These can lead to structural damage, mold growth, ceiling collapse, and other serious damage. It is important to inspect pipes and joints regularly for signs of leakage.

Blockage of Drains

Drain pipe blockages can be seen in sinks, tubs, and showers. Water cannot escape from the drain when it is opened. Water drains slowly or completely. Common culprits are hair, soap chunks, and small objects (like toys) that can cause water to clog.

You can fix the problem by using a drain snake, plunger, or drain cleaner to get rid of the blockage. The blockage may occur in the toilet if it has been blocked by human waste or toilet paper.

Call a plumber if a plunger or drain snake does not resolve the problem. Avoid this problem by never flushing paper towels, wipes, or other objects down the toilet. Use a hair catcher when you shower.

Broken Water Heater

Broken water heaters can cause you to be flooded with cold water or produce too much hot water. You may also notice a foul odor. Leakage and scale buildup are the main causes of water heater problems.

Bad odors and decreased efficiency are often caused by scale buildup in the heater. This can be fixed by flushing and de-scaling your heater. If water pools below the heater, it is likely that there is a leak.

If this happens, turn off the gas/power and water supply to the heater. Then call a plumber.

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