Whether you are renovating your house or building it, flooring is a crucial decision that you have to make. There are so many options that you could choose from marble flooring or laminate or the ever classic wooden flooring. Hardwood Planet is a timeless option that goes with all interiors, whether modern or classical. Even the sound of walking on wooden flooring has a different ring to it. Even when you decide to go for wooden flooring, there are so many different kinds of woods that you could choose from. Maple, Red Oak and White Oak are some of the most common choices. White oak wood is a popular option when it comes to wooden flooring. It is an affordable exotic wood that is available throughout the world and is affordable.

What are some of the distinct characteristics of white oak wood?

When one hears the word white oak, one would usually think that it might have white-colored bark. But that’s not true. White oak wood is light grey, and the term white in white oak comes from the color which the finished wood has. There are various colors in which you can find white oak. The color varies from medium tan colors to light tan colors, medium brown to greyish. Over time the white oak starts to develop a slight amber undertone.

The white oak grains are very open, straight, and clean, which makes it perfect with the contemporary décor. The linear sap streaks are drawn at the planks’ length, which makes the room look wider and longer. The wood’s compact cellular structure makes it durable and stable, making it the perfect choice for hardwood flooring. The versatility of the nature of the timber only makes it a more attractive option.

Why should you opt for white oak wooden flooring?

Hardness and Durability: The wooden flooring’s cellular structure is closed, making it the perfect option for hardwood flooring. This also makes the wood strong and resilient. On the Janka scale, white oak wood rates 1360, meaning that it is a hard and strong wood. Its high shock resistance also makes it durable in the longer run.

High Resistance to Moisture: Over time, wood absorbs moisture and starts to warp. Some wood absorbs more moisture than the other. White oak offers more resistance to moisture than the other popular choices for hardwood flooring. If proper care is taken, then your wooden flooring won’t warp.

Perfect for every kind of décor: The grain markings of the white oak make it aesthetically pleasing. Contrary to its name, white oak is darker than red oak. The grey/brown with cooler hues makes white oak wood stand out. It is also available in various colors and can fit into any interior design. Staining also works well with white oak wood. This helps the flooring to complement different kinds of finishing like whitewash, grey, and darker tones. There are no red or pink undertones, so no bleeding takes place.

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